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  1. Could’ve been worse. I got raped by a pack of howler monkeys at London zoo once. True story. Well, kinda. It’s debatable as to who was raping who but essentially it’s true. Needless to say, I am no longer welcome in the primate enclosure.

    1. Had a similar encounter. My howler monkey wouldn’t howl. Just laid there eating peanuts. When I asked for my money back they insisted I leave. A Feces fight ensued. I got quite a few howls then but not what I felt I’d paid for.

    2. 2lolo, question for ya: What’s the difference between you and a bucket of shit?
      Answer: The bucket.
      Now write that down and in about 30 years, you might figure that one out.

    3. Hope you don’t mind Fred but I’m gonna steal your joke and claim it as my own. And yours SlipStool. You can keep yours 2lolo, you need it more than I.

    4. @FRED, Your only one I know, who can Suck on IAN Dick and Talk at the same time.. FAGS are people TOO.. I think you are a Person???

    5. For fuck’s sake, 2lolo! Can your mother not afford to put you into some kinda special school? Give you some ritalin or something?

    6. Well, if I’m an idiot (and I am) and you’re pretending to be me, that makes you a piss-poor parody (love alliteration) of an idiot… which do you think is worse?

    7. Is this alliteration: Pauline and Priscilla Pointer liked going over to Peter Parker’s penthouse to play poker over on Pennsylvania Avenue.
      One night Pauline and Priscilla Pointer were over at Peter Parker’s penthouse playing poker when Priscilla decided she had to go piss. So, Pauline decided she had to go piss, too.
      So, while Pauline and Priscilla were in Peter Parker’s pisser pissing, Priscilla asked, “Pauline? Did you see Peter’s pecker sticking out beside that piece of paper while we were playing poker?”
      Pauline said, “Priscilla, don’t say you saw Peter’s pecker sticking out beside that piece of paper while we were playing poker! It makes my pussy pucker!”

    1. They’re supposed to talk and dance like in Madagascar. “I like to move it, move it, I like to move it, move it!”

  2. Dear Epic Fail…… need to REMOVE ALL posts from the retarded people like “Mike’ who only want to be “First!” to comment. They make no comment on the post, but prove their single digit IQ’s by their asinine “FIRST” post!

  3. It’s a horsecockdonkeythingumabob. Better keep your windows closed, animals might get in.
    That said I’m gonna have myself a brew and watch some nice porn now.

  4. Hmmm, the zebra bit you. You were holding food by your shoulder. Maybe bitch should share her snacks! Looks like she won’t miss a few bags of chips.

  5. the bitch should get naked, take a walk until she meets some lions and start poking em with a stick. Only way for her to get eaten.

  6. The fail was the zebra missed the food and got her shoulder by mistake. It freaked out when she screamed after it missed.

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