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  1. Cats are the cunts of the animal kingdom. Smug, arrogant, furry bastards. Think they’re too good to lick Nutella off my penis.

    1. Anytime I see Nicky No Name, I read with anticipation of a funny comment. Anytime I see 2lolo, I think, “here we go, another comment fail from a wanna be comedian.” 2lolo, your comments are dim witted and forced. If I was a bird, you would be the first person I shit on.

    2. Thanks RubberChicken… it’s true though, I wasn’t joking. Cats are very fussy about what they lick off a penis. Even with the fishy odour, they still aren’t interested. As for 2lolo and I being one and the same, I can’t rule it out. But I’m pretty sure that I’m just a figment of Fred’s imagination. Although I suppose if that were really true, I’d be a 15yo Japanese girl.

    3. I told you people, Cats are Evil…E-V-I-L.
      The only thing they want is to eliminate you little by little, or run away and never come back after their master treated them as kings.

    4. It’s true. Cats think they’re better than you. And like I always say, if cats were big enough, they’d kill you and everyone you love. Really rough tongues too. Hardly worth the hours spent soaking my nut-sack in tuna brine.

    5. If I was a 15yo Jap girl, I’d have better things to do than procrastinate online. Such as exploring my blossoming sexuality and getting raped by monsters with 7 penises (my knowledge of Japanese girls is based largely on hentain porn). Oh, and thanks for the jam tip but I find it attracts ants and my crabs don’t like them.

    6. I just got a massive erection thinking about spreading nutella all over my nutsack. I take yoga, so i can lick it off myself.

    7. BTW: You make a good point and alot to think about while I lay in bed tonight about the “If I was a 15yo Jap girl” thingy, Nick. Thanks.

    1. Cats mistake them for some kind of toy, to be be playfully clawed at and chewed upon. Difficult to explain those injuries to the paramedics. Again.

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