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    1. Really Legend of Zelda makes him a pedo? Well I must be one to because Zelda is epic you hoe bag.

    2. Awww man.. D: Then I’m an extreme Pedo. XD I’m like..In “LOVE” with Link! xD Is a total nerd. :O And, by the way, Amy..IF The characters were to be real…Link would be 25, or 26. And, Zelda, would be about the same age. O_O; Lol! But yush. The game, is EPIC! >:D Yay for having my first “Game Felony”!

  1. Who the fuck is Zelda? I obviously live a sheltered life, or, have better things to do with my time. WTF am I doing here i hear you say, getting drunk and waiting for 2lolo to make a dick of himself, that’s what!!

    1. The Licenseplate is registered for the car, not for the owner. So if he got a new car and sold this one, the license plate would either be sold with the car, or get invalidated and a new one would be applied.

      It would lead to too many confusions, if the license plate was transferred to a new car.

    2. Jazhara- its only certain states that the plate goes with the car not all of them so it might be one where the plate goes with the owner not the car

    3. I’ve never heard of that before. Usually when people get custom plates they don’t want to change them out just because they got a new car. lol name one state that has that law? Plates don’t transfer with car unless it’s outside the USA.

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