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  1. i think these stupid texts with people trying to sound like they are some kind of sarcastic intellectuals are some of the worst shit on this site.

  2. I doubt it’s fake. WTF, like, do kids not manage their contacts list? Who the F “dials” in a txt? I’ve gotten two “wrong number” txts in the past year. So naturally, I trolled them. So, this crap is not exactly “rare” such that I would suspect a fake. What, should I “look at the pixels” or something? No… it’s perfectly believable. It’s not particularly funny… but “fake”? If it were fake, it would be better than this.

    1. I think you have a little too much faith in the people who fabricate this crap. It could well be genuine but I’m inclined to suggest that they’re all fake until the day that EF stops posting this shit.

    2. meh, I got a new phone and a new number and people have been blowing my phone up looking for an Amy and texting me in Spanish… I’m damn near transparent I’m so white so it’s possible to get a random text like that, either way it’s not funny, just further proof, whitey is boring 🙂

  3. EpicFail definitely NEEDS to stop publish those craps.
    No, it’s not a win, it’s not a fail, either. It’s two random people texting each other like this on purpose, because they know that dumbs from EF will consider it a great stuff…

  4. this is a good prank end of discussion now im gonna go watch the best win ever in the history of time and that is the dancing traffic cop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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