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  1. I get it. -_-

    But seriously, this why I don’t text, who the fuck tells their friend about the bitch waitress trying to proffer a,”super salad”??

  2. hmmmm this was a very common joke in the tv show my wife and kids where the italian waiter would ask him would you like a soup or a salad the guy would reply i want the regular one….(thinking he said supersalad and making a joke about it)

  3. Wow I was having a bad morning n then I read this n I just couldnt help but laugh…. N to all u people that always have a negative comment to say just remember this website is for people to laugh at other people’s stupidity why don’t u save ur time n do something productive instead of wasting time writing ignorant, n sometimes hurtful comments. Just remember ur no Better than anyone else in this world

    1. “Laugh at other people’s stupidity” Hahaha this whole comment gave me more of a chuckle than that fake text.

    2. Nicky, it is incorrect to start a sentence with the word “and”. You have therefore failed the internet. Please study harder and try again.

    3. Well I have to say you laugh very easily if you enjoyed that. I wonder if you are easy in other ways too.

  4. Well lymbe when a person has bad things constantly happening around you n u barely ever see the light of day, stupid things like a funny text message makes me smile if is only for a second. And I have no idea how me laughing at a text message makes me easy, please explain to me how that makes me an easy person….. Moron

    1. Sorry to hear that bad things are happening. I hope things get better. I know! I’ll tell you a joke!
      These two little boys (brothers) went into a restaurant with their parents, see? And their parents decided that they were old enough to order for themselves. So the waitress walks up and asks the older boy, “What would you like to order tonight, sir?”
      The boy looks at her and says, “I want a fucking cheeseburger.”
      So his father reaches across the table and slaps the dogshit out of him. I mean, it hurt to hear it. SUHMACK!
      So the waItress has to step back, stifle a snicker, regroups, steps back up to the table and asks the younger boy, “Well, sir, what would you like to order?”
      The younger boy looks at her, looks at his father glaring across the table, looks at his brother setting there nursing a big red patch on his face, looks back at the watress, and says, “Well, I don’t know. But I for goddamned sure don’t want no fucking cheeseburger!”
      I hope that cheers you up.

  5. Another fake Text Fail on EpicFail?

    EpicFail is slowly turning itself into an epic fail by publishing those things.

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