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  1. I imagine being a traffic cop can get quite boring after a while. At least this guy has some imagination to make his job a little more enjoyable.

  2. He’s got some sweet moves but it’s been done to death already. How about a regular dancing policeman, who busts a robot before taking you into custody? A fireman who moonwalks out of a burning building perhaps? Or a dancing civil servant who does a little dubstep whilst being a jobs-worth cunt.

    1. Great suggestions and no, I can’t say anything nice. My mother always taught me that “if you can only say nice things, then don’t say anything at all”. Or something like that.

    1. r u fucking kidding me. u must be 10. stick to justin beiber music n get the fuck off michaels dick. have some respect to someone who makes actual music

    2. “Pedophile music” would actually be music about pedophilia. This is music BY an accused pedophile. When you’re trying to be clever in the future be sure to get it right.

    1. Are you serious? You can’t watch a video on the internet because the featured subject did something, and that ONE something made you believe he might possible be gay? Are you that fucking stupid? When you see someone on the street, and you think they might be gay, do you cover your eyes with your hands and pretend they aren’t there? Perhaps you turn and walk in a different direction? That’s pretty pathetic man…grow up. Hahaha.

    2. Woah everybody you can’t blame Marston, he is Canadian, you know the place Justin Bieber crawled out of to slowly destroy our youth? Point is Canadians are evil and Marston is in the closet.

  3. Lol i was waitin for him to almost to get hit and dodge it by dancing!
    SN: it didnt look like he was actually directing traffic, just dancing :/

  4. this is a Win? only way to make this any gayer is if nick no name went out there is fucked the guy in the ass in the middle of the video

    1. Ya know, hate to say it, but that might be entertaining. Maybe the Nickster could do it by Let It Whip by the Dazz Band.

    2. I’ll do it for the sake of comedy (and so I get to stick my little pecker in something) but I want to choose my own music… “I’m The Leader of The Gang” by Gary Glitter. Or anything by George Michael.

    1. Definitely not Manila. I am in Makati and all the police there would rather ask for a bribe than put on a show

  5. This could have been a win if the blending and placement were better. Not a bad job for an rookie learning how to composite video, but sadly it just looks too fake to be a win. Proof of concept works though.

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