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  1. Why was this tool filming himself? Glad he crashed, fucked up his ride, and probably shit himself in fear running away like a little bitch.

    1. well white boy has robbery,distrubtion of property and leaving the seen of an accident. so if i was a pig thats who i would go after

    2. You can go after both, if not all three. You have all of their faces and charges can be pushed on all of them for several different things. Get all of ’em!

    3. what kind of hillybilly weed is the devil towns you guys live in? possession of an ounce is legal here, sellin it is not unless you are a dispensary, or licensed caregiver like me 8-).

    1. LMAO 60 BUCKS, i love medical marijuana, i get top shelf all day for 35 and 1/8th, not to mention i get to cultivate for myself ahhhhhhhhhh!

    2. to every1 leaving messages on here… weed prices go up and down all over the country… you all are arguing your own prices that you pay in your area of the country… and yes 50 dollars an 8th is the going rate for primo bud in the new england area. pot prices spike up and down all the time here.

    3. what you pay for an 8th is completely different than sumone else who lives in a different area of the country

  2. I wonder if the couple thousand dollars worth of damage done to his car (crash plus the shit done to it after) was worth the 100 dollar bag he was holding… hmmmm….

    1. These boys should now graduate to ripping off the Mexican drug mafia. That’s where the adrenaline rush is.

  3. I don’t get it…. These guys were robbed the last time they bought their weed so they decided to film themselves flashing a fat wad of cash in front of some sketchy black dealers and basically EXPECTED things to go down as they did? That is some retard logic. Where do they live that the black dealers’ weed is good enough risk your life and your car?

  4. I thought the camera was attached to the door. Did the driver go around the car and grab the camera from the door before he ran?

  5. Major fail all the way. I would say faked, but the vehicle ride and damage says real. If it was faked, it would of made more sense and they would of done a better job. Just shows some people are UNBELIEVABLY stupid.

  6. This shit is hilarious, i know people that have done this and been successful but wow this tool not only crashed his car but left it behind. Epic Fail. I wonder what happened next. He came back talking about he is sorry and probably gave the weed back and the money for it.Just to get his car back without getting jump. LOL

  7. this is truly how white people end up with search parties… thrill seeking, climbing mountains, skiing, sky diving, hunting with dick Cheney, rock climbing and trying to act as if his reflexes were better than a black man on his game..

  8. Ok first of all… this was filmed wth his friends phone… obviously his friend knew the dealer.. which is why he was hiding in the trunk… second of all… the dealer pulled the wheel and made him crash…. Karma is a bitch…..3rd of all after the crash dude panics and doesn’t know what to do…and then realizes he needs to pop the trunk and let his friend out…. then his friend gets out.. grabs his phone and starts to book it.. the black guy get’s lost cause obviously the whole crash is bad news….and

  9. Im guessing his mommy and daddy paid for the car. Im sure they bought him another one the next day. No wonder white people no longer run shit…

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