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    1. The internet is so annoying sometimes. Scratch that. PEOPLE on the internet are annoying. OBVIOUSLY Barbie did not make the decision to put only the black barbies on sale. It was the idiot that was working his minimum wage job that messed up the price labeling.

  1. I think the pricing is rather accurate. They were probably having a hard time selling them so they had to lower the price. In all honesty who would want a black Barbie? Black Barbie is just going to steal all your jewelry and then all the Ken dolls.

    1. My cousin had a black Barbie and Ken when she was little. I bought her the black baby set to go with it… but unfortunately Ken went missing shortly after.

    2. Black Barbie became a single mum, registered with the local council and got Β£30k+ a year in benefits. Twelve years later black baby joined a street gang, stabbed a guy for his iPhone and now is happily reunited with his father Ken in prison.
      Sounds about right?

    3. Whats wrong Shappo? You’ve never had a laugh at someone elses expense? You’ve never made fun of a mentally handicapped person, a fat person, a gay person, or someone that dresses weird? Yeah, I’m sure that you are an angel that has never laughed at someone before.
      It’s called a fucking joke. I’m not racist, but I will not pass up the opportunity to have a good laugh and make other people laugh.
      And in the end, I’m not making fun of anyone, I’m just cracking jokes about a fucking doll. Get over it.

    4. What do you call a white bitch shaking her ass?
      An ironing board with massage features.

  2. I see what the real problem is, and it is not race. One Barbie is smiling and more cheerful than the other. So it makes sense which one the kids are going to choose. They will likely choose the happier doll over the other. That is a marketing and design FAIL.

    1. How many white girls does it take to screw in a light?
      None, white girls can’t screw.

    1. fuck off you racist bitch and i know for a fact you hiding behind a computer talking all that bullshit but would never have the guts to say to our face….pussy ass bastard!!!!!

    2. what do you call a group of panty waste monkies jibbering about nothing?? the NCAA “Nigga’s congregating against America” !

    1. Ok. That’s enough. You’re not funny anymore. What you are is a loser. Yes I voted for Obama. No I don’t have 18 kids and I’m not on welfare. You like to believe in stereotypes I see. Well let me see….you are obviously from england or somethin…..been to the dentist lately?? Taken a bath today? I can smell your BO across the ocean all the way to the states.

    1. hahaha and if it werent for blacks then you wouldnt be able to wash your dirty ignorant ass clothes.. .

    2. WTF do naggers have to do with me washing my clothes? Seriously, you’re a dumb ass… and probably a nig-nog too.

    1. Hey cracker,
      I’d love for your scrony white ass say that to a real black person and see how quick they’d tear ya a new ass hole bitch then start cracking them jokes white boy

    1. Why do so many white people get lost skiing?
      It’s hard to find them in the snow.

    1. DeadlyFoez I see you post so many comments, which probably meant as jokes but people my call you racist. It gives me dejavu… are you sure you’re not Roccol? :p

    2. Roccol, well, that dude (or chick, not sure) is (or maybe as now: wasa) a regular commentator. You can see him commenting fails mostly with black people in it. Some of the comments are funny (and hate to admit, are true), but some are just simply racist. Love to hate him. :p

      He’s been disappearing for 2-3 months now, I start to wonder if he’s okay, hehe.

    3. How many white men does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
      One, white men will screw anything.

  3. They just need to get one good black Ken to pimp them out. Then the store can be raking the bucks in and never have to sell any of the black barbies, at least not sell them on a permanent basis.

  4. Black dolls look creepy… just saying.. no one buys them, not even the little black kids want them.. i have seen black girls with white barbies lol…

  5. All you racist people make me sick! Really you know I am white and my kids are white but I would buy them a black barbie. I teach my kids that we are all the same. There is just as many if not more white folks on welfare as there is black! plus yea maybe a black man will statistically rob you first but statistically a white man will be more likely to molest your child.

  6. All those with jokes and bad comments are no better than the steroetypes they are making fun of. Hate is not the answer – pull your head in and get on with your own life. If you have a problem with another race, the problem starts and ends with you.

  7. Funny That this DeadlyFoez nerd want’s to spam this post with racist comments but would shit himself if he came face to face with a black dude in person

    1. Funny thing is, I had my black friend Eric over here at the time and he was the one giving me ideas of funny things to post. He knows more black jokes than most other people. We were drinking having a good time. So fuck your theory.

    1. This is the way “believe” is spelled. We are the same when it comes to anatomy, but our beliefs and attitudes vary widely, which is what gets us in trouble.

  8. The black Barbie looks cheap enough to buy at Dollar Tree. I’m not racist, just look at her. If she wasn’t wearing the same outfit as white Barbie, I’d think she was in the wrong place.

  9. The problem with “black” barbie is … she (it?) was made to pander to racist zealots, while white barbie was made to rake in profit. The same happened with islam barbie and mecca cola.

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