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  1. Is the bands name “still waiting”? How appropriate considering his guitar went flying away. Still waiting for it to land dumb ass!!

    1. I’m guessing it’s “scream my name” but yes, that would’ve cost a few hundred to repair/ replace. What a twat. Compliments to the roadie though, he was right on it.

    1. Ever hear of not trying a dumbass move like that? This whole spinning your guitar is no replacement for talent.

  2. that’s what he gets for trying to do one of the most overused and lamest “tricks” ever. How about doing a badass solo or something to show off your guitar skills?

  3. Woah, this is only a fail if he didn’t want that to happen – and who wouldn’t want to pull that trick off in front of an audience? Cunt.

  4. Apparently the guitar landed in the arms of Kim deal from the pixies who was walking past, she then played on, they sacked the original guy now she’s with them permanently they changed their name to radiopeppers, and are now touring Sweden and all countries beginning with the letter S, you can download their songs such as American angst, and Yankee pankee on shitetunes. Com. Eel/crap I’m bored

  5. Geez, give this guy a break. They’ll probably get HUGE publicity from this and the guy reacts to his airborn guitar like comedic genius. Too bad it wasn’t a Gibson Flying V for extra irony.

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