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  1. Ok, so the guy in the blue is the “pig on the spit”, the guy in the green looks concerned that he is in too deep, and the guy in the red is holding the blue guys hand in sympathy just before he gobs him off. All looks normal to me, expept maybe for the guy taking an interest in the background, that has to be 2lolo right?

    1. They even have the minute sign in the middle like they’re censoring the penetration.
      Omg is it real??!!!

    1. “Insert lame joke about how soccer is gay”. (Eventhough the ones wearing tights, grabbing one another, rolling around on the ground and patting each other on the ass are playing football).

  2. Right for starters how is ‘soccer’ gay? Ur Nancy boys have to be padded to high heavens to play a game of what you call football. The same game here is rugby, no padding just men taking the full force of a tackle. So before you insult this great British game, I suggest u look at your Yankee pussies

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