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    1. thanks for clarifying, don’t have an ear for Portuguese, as I’ve been focusing on the distinctions between different Asian dialects

    2. @Shakeal it’s not an attempt at racism as it is well known that many third world countries especially those near the equator have a talent for climbing trees to gather fruits/nuts.

  1. Those Mexicans sure can climb things (mostly the US border fence). Have to wonder though, what was the parent planning to do if the kid fell? I suspect the answer is “keep filming”.

  2. In America that video = 5 years in prison for child endangerment.

    On the Mexican side, it pays to train early for the boarder fence pole vault.

  3. Nicky, that’s why I came to the comment section, was wondering if anyone else thought this with a huge gamble by the parents?

    If that kid fell, most likely his soft skull most likely would’ve whip-lashed onto the hard kitchen floor. Worth the risk? Permanent brain/psychological damage? Death?

    1. Very true. See, a lot of people think I’m a dick but that simply isn’t true… I’m all about child safety. And racism.

  4. Listen, I am all about funny cute kids video. This one is not cute nor funny. Sure as well its not a win as you put it. It is huge fail on parenting side. What would have happened if the child fell? Who would parents blame? Its the same as usual, they will find someone else to blame, like high chair makers for not making it easy to climb into. Please! Parents stop filming your children doing shit like this. Its not funny or cute. You make yourself look like dumbasses.

  5. Wow you guys are fuckin’ stupid. That’s Portuguese not Spanish, fuckin’ morons. Obviously they are not Mexican. Typical American, stereotyping, ignorant dumbasses.

    1. Is your own statement not stereotyping and ignorant in its own? On that note LOOK its Dora the Explorer on the left!!

    2. “Typical American, stereotyping, ignorant dumbasses- a Pocket Guide”
      From Mexico = Mexican
      From the Caribbean = Island Mexican
      From Central/South America = Jungle Mexican
      From Protugal/Spain = European Mexican (a.k.a the Mexican Dandy)
      Yes, from birth, ALL Americans are issued this handy guide Dante- you’ve stumbled upon the truth about all us “typical” Americans.*eyeroll*

    1. How about I develop some kind of a ball-brain, like a giant testicle with the power of advanced cognition? Not only would that satisfy your suggestion, it would also be great when a woman says “all men think with their dicks” and I could say “actually madam, I think with my balls”. The only question is, should I keep it in my head, or in my pants?? Decisions decisions.

  6. … and if the chair had flipped over while “Spider Baby” was winning and mommy or daddy was holding the video camera it would have been a major parenting fail.

    1. I agree….while that was awesome, what parent would sit there with a camera and let their child do that??? Too close to a fail.

  7. Spider baby, spider baby
    get up on that crib already
    call him when you’re in a trap
    less he takes his morning nap

    Aaaaooooohhh, here comes the spider baby.

    1. That’s why I wrote the PG13 version. The actual one goes something like:

      Spider baby, spider baby,
      nigga climb that shit already
      call that motha if you’re trapped
      fuck, he takes his mornin nap
      Aaaaooooooooohhh, here comes the spider baby.

  8. I would have gone with “Parenting fail” for the title, but a cool kid none the less, also there are clearly 5 kinds of people, white, black, chinese, mexican and terrorist, also, thats the order of importance of the peoples too! hahaahhaahhahaha racism

  9. I remember walking in on my kid doing this exact thing when she over heard me telling mommy dinner was ready. they are lil stunt artists, man

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