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    1. remembers me that fatt mexican guy who can´t stands up because of his grossy mass of shitty grossy sweaty big fat body…though the squirrel is cute hahahhaa

    1. you are unfit to be a part of society. please, go to the nearest cliff, and do your best to preform a swan dive.

  1. that was a mixture of adorable and sad , the squirrel is fuckin adorble but the living and physical conditions of it is sad btw it sounded like the guy didnt give a fuck if it died or not :\ poor adorable squirrel

  2. you uneducated bastard the squirrel is hibernating, is suppose to be sleeping… they don’t move through the winter. That’s why she is so fat. Come on they teach you this crap at spongebob.

  3. What a cute squirell, haha. But I feel kinda bad for it.
    If it’s someone’s pet, then it’ll be OK, but if it’s just a “wild” squirell, it surely will die :X

    1. why yes it is! – judging from its size and the color of its fur it’s indeed an American squirrel. European squirrels have red fur…

  4. really, jack-holes, this is not a “poor squirrel”. Don’t feel bad for it and it’s not going to die. If it wasn’t this fat then it would die… of starvation while it hibernates! Idiots…

  5. You know whay you’ve never seen a fat squirrel… because they’re HIBERNATING. The way nature intended. Not jogging down the bike trail in effiminate leotards, like a vegan hippy that doesn’t know they are overstressing their heart to the point of causing a heart attack, stroke or anurism

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