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  1. The only fail here is the 10cc piece of shit scooter… 1) people usually just park bikes etc. without any added security. 2) Though the bike can be lifted, it would not be mobile with that bike lock still attached to the wheel. 3) Nobody is gonna go to great lengths to steal a piece of shit scooter like that. 4) The only thing sadder than the fact that this got posted, is the fact that I took a minute to comment on it.

    1. Re:
      1) Actually. people do NOT park bikes without added security unless they want to fucking walk home!
      2) Some friends had their Pan European stolen by 4 guys who put the front wheel on a skateboard and fucked off down the road to a van with it. This little toy could be walked off in neutral doing a wheelie.
      3) What ‘great length’, you cunt? Picking up the front wheel and walking away?
      4) THIS reply is sadder.

    2. Spank, I don’t know how many shitty 10cc scooters you steal on a regular basis, but in all seriousness no one is going to fucking lift the entire bike, steal it with no keys might I add, and attempt to call that a good day. You couldn’t even sell it at that point because no one could drive it.

    3. Hello, Miss Good Pussy. How are you today?
      I was talking to Gabrielle. Not you Nicky.
      And definitely not YOU, 2lolo!!!

    4. I was gonna reply to you Spankorama but Gabrielle pretty much covered it. Although, I would like to add that you sir, are far more than just a cunt, you’re a stupid cunt. Good day.

    5. Garielle, NnN, your ignorance is eclipsed only by your arrogance! I know far too much about bike security from bitter experience and that of friends. The steering lock on most bikes can be rendered inoperable simply by aggravated twisting or by using a tiny screwdriver. Loads of people buy stolen bikes – much cheaper than purchasing official spares! More bikes get stolen each year than are purchased new.
      What’s YOUR claim to superior knowledge on this subject? Your own assertions! Cunt I may well be, but stupid? You win that one, kids. Now lick it. Yes, that’s right…

    6. I’m with Spankorama here. People will steal anything that isn’t nailed, bolted, glued, locked, etc. It doesn’t mater how crap or worthless it may be. If it’s accessible and you haven’t locked it properly then say goodbye.

  2. Thank you Fred my love.

    Regardless, I’m saying if you’ve got a fucking moped it probably deserves to be stolen. My knowledge of the subject comes from a 10 second assessment of the picture in front of me. I have more things to do with my life than stare aimlessly at said picture, and disagree with anyone who claims it won’t be stolen. I’ve never had anything like that stolen from me…j/s…

    1. I understand, Gabby. Fuck a Moped piece of shit. I, however, have had plenty of stupid shit like this stolen from me, but, WTF, ya know?
      All of this stupid shit here is to be taken with a grain of salt. I like to go off, occasionally, with a bit of seriousness, but all in all, fuck it. Actually, I like to argue, because that’s what we, humans, do best. Most people are caught up in their PC shit that they have no idea where people like you and I are coming from. In real life, you and I have to play the game, but here, why are we supposed to play the fashion shit? Ya know?
      Let’s just have fun and talk shit and if somebody objects… let’s fuck ’em up! And I don’t mean that our friendship is BS. I do take you seriously. But I do talk alot of shit. Goes with the “territory”, ya know. This territory here.
      I hope you read this and understand what I mean.
      Best to you Gabrielle. And thanks for being a friend. And fuck anybody that don’t like it.

    2. BTW: Do a google search for Freddieboy44 on YouTube. Subscribe to my channel and then we can talk more, okay?

  3. Yes, this 49cc scooter absolutely would get stolen. Front end lifted, tossed in a truck, and they’d worry about breaking the locks later. At worst case they could replace the front wheel and ignition for under $50 and sell it in CL for at least $200 profit, or partsed out and the parts sold on e*bay. These scooters are extremely high theft items, especially in locations where they can’t be registered.

    This will prevent a roll-away theft, but it just keeps the honest people honest.

  4. …looking at it closer I realize it’s a 48v electric scooter, probably speed limited to 40 km/h (25 mph), but still just as theftable.

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