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“Hello – I came across this Craiglist listing and as the Super Bowl is approaching, I found it very fitting to send over for you to take a look at. My girlfriends and I had a good laugh. Enjoy.”

Submitted by Gina

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    1. i remember my mum telling me once when i was a child, she said “son?..,women are complete cum dumpsters and should not be treated any differently”. i said “ok, thanks mum”.. and i skipped away.

    2. Would be a good time to just “Punt” at the party and say “Oh, no, I said I played Cornerback, not Quarterback but I was a 3rd stringer. I had shin splints so I didn’t play much. Heheh.

    3. dear militaryminded85
      just because your mom is a cum dumpster does not mean all women are cum dumpsters and should be treated the way every guy in town treats ur crusty mom. and judging by the fact that u “skipped away” i would say that ur fruity ass is in fact a cum dumpster:)

    1. ^^^^^ Agree, this guy needs to take that time he wants to learn about football and bang this chick till the superbowl then dump her at the party exposing her cheating with this guy.

    2. This cunt is trying to get her old bf back or why would she be wanting to go to this party? This guy will get fucked over for the rest of his life with women like this if he doesn’t wake up. I’ve dealt with cunts like her (like many of you guys have, for the cunt) and he should have screwed her, turned sideways in the bed, raised both feet as far as he could, shoved this bitch towards the door, told her that her shit stinks, get out and don’t come back.
      This type of women will get her old QB back (if he takes her) and get screwed over (she will feel) by him.And the whole time she will be trying to screw him over, thinking that she’s justified because that’s why they broke up to start with (he got tired of her fucked ways and fuck some other chick.
      There are too many good looking girls like this bitch. She’s out to fuck over as many men as she can. Her problem is that she doesn’t feel that she fucked over her ex as bad as she feels she should have.
      Yes, it’s sad for both parties, really. But that’s the way alot of fuckwits (men and women) will battle out this dick vs pussy game.
      My problem: I masturbate, and nanoseconds after I cum, I’m contemplating the mysteries of the universe. No exes to worry about.
      I have a “fling” occasionally, but you always have to keep them at bay. They will take your money, property and soul if you are like this tool.
      Men and women have a different perspective on life and you all have to figure it out or some of you will get fucked by guys and gals like this. And guys and gals like this rarely ever change.

    3. I’ll pay double to anyone considering helping him keep the relationship it’s already dead from the sounds of it it was DOA he needs someone like the girl i got dedicates her life to me no matter how much I try to get her to be a little indepentent. (love my traditional chinese GF(soon to be more))

  1. wow seriously? this guy is soo naive..he actually thinks that by learning how to play football he’s gonna get his gf back??..apparently she’s back together with her ex and he is too dumb to see..this guy needs to grow a pair and tell her to fuck off instead of trying to desperately learn football to impress a girl like her..

  2. Damn I actually feel bad for this dude. He’s trying to be with her in a failed relationship. Needs to realize it’s time to cut ties.

  3. aah thats horrible,shes a cheater and ur tryna impress her? and the more u carry a lie the more expensive is gnna get. next thing u know ull be playing for football camp and private qb lessons. while ur at it, photoshop urself on a football body! -.- i feel bad fro this guy!… but on the upside, i will send this to my friends for a good laugh.

  4. We may not know whos gonna win the super bowl…but we def know that this guy is soooooo gonna LOSE….say goodbye to your g/f whos already cheated on you with her x….you deserve to waist $500 or more you moron!

  5. i felt sorry for him till i read the part that she fucked her ex a few times when they started dating i mean wtf that guy must have been a virgin to be taking this shit from some one he should be paying 500 dollar for some to teach him the coldest most cruelest form to break up with this whore

  6. Why would you take your girlfriend to the EX boyfriends house? Why would you even approve of her talking to him..dumbass..

  7. I’d pay HIM $500 to leave that dumb bitch in the dust!! What a slut. I feel bad for this dude. If he devoted that much love into someone that actually gave a fuck maybe he’d be in a relationship that could work! Smh

  8. I’m curious what this dude looks like. If he literally has no football knowledge.. He’s either 95 lbs or 350 lbs and a nerd. Why would either the GF or ExBF believe he ever played even if he’s an encyclopedia of football knowledge. Stupid.

  9. THAT BITCH MUST HAVE THE NICEST ASS EVER, if not, Tell her you are not going the the party and neither is she. If she asks why? you say…SHUT UP BITCH, YOU ARE DOING WHATEVER THE FUCK I SAY…AND I SAY…ON YOUR KNEES AND SUCKING!!

  10. if you throw in an extra 200, ill invite you into my fantasy football league. Bring your girlfriend to the draft.

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