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  1. This is the most well written ticket ever. Anyways I like eating my tickets. They taste like tickets, very interesting isn’t it.

  2. I hate when some ASHOLE thinks he’s the authority of right and wrong get a fkn life and stop worrying about others FAIL. Ps I take 2 spaces I don’t want my Mercedes getting dinged

    1. You know what I do when I see dicks like you do that ?
      I piss on your door handle.
      Marinate on that for awhile.

    2. I purposely scratch or put a ding in every Mercedes I see….cuz I can’t afford it….yea i’m an asshole….

    3. Only pretentious fags brag about driving a Mercedes. Fag. Also, it’s pretty clear Daddy bought it for you, because you obviously didn’t get a “gud” education and make that kind of money on your own by being intelligent and well-read. Just sayin’. Fag.

    4. when I come accross someone who is better than everyone else just because theyre car is nicer than mine and they take up 2 spots, I park as close as possible to there door then leave a pleasant note

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