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  1. I think the policeman may have made them touch bell-ends for his own sick, sexual gratification… “Mmm good… good… now kiss”. Very arousing.

    1. Yeah, I think Nick needs to start his own philosophical think tank and possibly come up with ideas to unfuck all this “fucked” we’re in. With his imagination, may be able to come up with some new insights on the economy, colonizing other planets, and why women are so stupid cause they don’t have a dick to think with.
      I just don’t suggest becoming a politician. The small penis thing may be an asset, but the Nutella shit will, obviously, fuck him up in the long run…short run, …whichever. I just don’t feel that the word Nutella is one that should be on a politician’s record.

    2. I agree with you Fred… Nicky No Name for president. Imagine if Hitler and Seth MacFarlane had a child that was deprived of oxygen at birth, having become trapped momentarily in Seth’s ass-hole and was consequently mentally retarded/ morally deficient but with a flare for sick imagination/ racism… that’s pretty much me. Vote Nicky… he’s better than Obama.

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