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    1. You cold’ve at lest said something mildly amusing like “I’ve been grooming this one for years and it’s finally paying off”. Your trolling is clumsy and ineloquent, at best. Leave it to the pros 😉

    2. Beware of fakes bob! The real Nicky is the only one who is able to feed off of the years of sexual molestation to bring you such epic comments that criticize others to make Nicky forget about what Uncle James did all those years and weeks ago.

    1. yep when ever the french would capture our archers theyd cut off theyre draw fingers, the lucky ones who espcaped would wave theyre draw fingers at the french, as an insult ” i still got my draw fingers and ill use them to send a arrow love letter straight to your heart”

    2. How do you lose to bunch of poorly-equipped, jungle-dwelling midgets whose best strategy is digging holes? Accidents happen.

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