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    1. I think some people had a problem with Tyler singin it the way anyone who’s even a BIT familiar with Aerosmith might expect him to sing it…

    2. @ poopr: There once was a video on YouTube of Tyler singing “Amazing Grace” in a black church and one of the women (she’s a backup singer) is looking at him the whole time like he is a major fuckup. And IMO he is fucking the song up, but I was thinking exactly what you said here.

    3. Better than Roseanne. And the majority of people that have a problem with this (and Roseanne’s rendition)can’t even say the pledge of allegiance, so this is just another bunch of BS. Americans that know nothing but football bullshit can argue little other than some foolishness like this trivial shit.
      I say let’s bitch about something more relevant like Tebow’s religious foolishness. I Tebow Tyler’s performance.

    4. Man, I remember when Steven Tyler was REALLY Steven Tyler, back before Aerosmith started doing pop music. He has, in my opinion, become a caricature of himself. As in many instances, once he stopped doing drugs, his music began to suck. Do you really think, back in the badass days he really would’ve became a host on American Idol? Naaah, he would’ve kicked over the table,pissed on the stage,chugged a bottle of Jack, and left the place a smoking ruin.

  1. Where’s the fail…that’s how Tylers been looking since 1983. Awesome game though, poor poor Billy Cuntiff,(see what I did there?) he’s on his way to a mental hospital as I post this, where he will spend the next 20 years on a rocking chair repeatedly whispering “laces out, laces out, laces out”
    -Go Giants.

  2. i think people call this a fail because he screamed during some of the song. but my god he a fucking rock star what does everyone expect? it is in NO WAY worst than roseanne’s version.

    1. @cloob1…. like many arrogant yanks like urself.. a guy called Tim Berners-Lee invented the internet..oh btw..he’s British too…. so u fail my freind. 🙂 …oh and also the pc’s ur using and operating systems ur running ur browser on are more then likely made in China too, to be precise 😉

    2. Bullshit. Typical Brit idiocy. You KNOW we invented the PC from parts scavenged from the alien ship that crashed in Roswell.

    3. Silly britt… you know the US is still a a british colony, and everyone bows to your naval superiority…….

    4. @bob. Tim Berners-Lee didn’t invent the Internet. The Internet already existed when he developed WWW which is a protocol that runs on the Internet. It’s not the Internet itself. If your going to call someone out don’t fail.

    5. @Jason<—-ENGLISH FAIL…English 101: You shouldn't use the word "all" when using it as an adverb. Your sentences should be rephrased,"I think a lot of Yanks are stupid. Some of them ruined the internet." You sound stupid when you use blanket-statements.

  3. Where’s the fail? He didn’t even get the lyrics wrong… and considering his age his vocal capabilities are still remarkable. BTW it’s about time for a new Aerosmith record – it has been eight years since the last one came out…

    1. oh wait, he ALMOST didn’t get the lyrics wrong… he kinda muddled the “the bombs bursting in air”-line…

  4. Apparently 10 year olds post up fails on this site….how is this a fail? Do you not know Aerosmith? Or is that little lesbian Bieber todays music?

  5. I think you have potential, come back next year and try again, don’t give up Steven you could be an Idol someday, just not today.

  6. i think he did it in true Aerosmith fashion….anyone who’s been a fan from the beginning (like me) can appreciate the vocals….they knew when askin him to sing that this was gonna be different…no fail here!!!

  7. My GOD, Steven Tyler reached a whole new level of awful. It was worse than Roseanne’s National Anthem. At least she could remember the words.

  8. No matter how ya slice it, he has blown his nose in more money than most of us will see in a lifetime. If people were expecting Susan Boyle voice and style, they should have gotten Susan Boyle. Tyler performed a faithful rendition of the Anthem in what is his particular style. I agree with Mike, crowd fail!

  9. I too completely failed to find the fail in this. It’s a shame that people have had sacharin-sweet, perfectly autotuned vocals rammed down their throat for so long, that they perceive a raw REAL vocal performance as a fail!

  10. Aerosmith suck, plain and simple. Having Tyler singing anywhere public is an Epic Fail. Queen Latifah is where it’s at, all you bitches better hear that.

  11. ‘as bombs bursting in air’ what a dumb fuck. what’s even funnier is that everyone commenting doesn’t even notice. dumb fucks.

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