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  1. “…if you love your family, press heart button 1…”
    Font, spelling, capitalisation and butterfly fail. Probably placement fail too, but we may never know…

    1. The font looks pretty, and so does the butterfly 😉
      Only the capitalisation and spelling are the “fails”

  2. BUTTON!! BOTTOM I got my tatoo done inside a rehab center and the motherfucker didnt even made a mistake on it…whether he was high….

    1. I have always held Brits in such high regard for being more intellectual than us fuckwit Uhmericans. You’ve just screwed my whole perspective.

  3. i know that girl! she was the one giving the tattoo-artist the text with the misspelling! i some countrys they don´t speak english or most important, it´s not always the artists fault!

    the tattoo itself is well done! font and butterfly look nice!

  4. The good news is, it’s not so bad that it can’t be fixed. The U could be turned into an O & the N into an M.
    But the bad news is…she’s probably too DUMB to know it’s WRONG! hahaha

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