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  1. Text fails are not as amusing anymore, with the advent of software that allows us to compose fake text exchanges… still a little funny though.

  2. My woman doesn’t have any siblings, so I can’t get them to lick my ass 🙁

    Maybe a cousin though!

    Oh yeah, obligatory “first”

  3. Hahahahahahaha yeah, not at all fake because she genuinely has her boyfriend listed as “boyfriend”, a person would honestly believe that their little sister just licked their boyfriends ass and the whole set-up isn’t at all unnatural. Fuck off.

    1. I think the idea here is to be on the same type of plane as religion when it comes to these text messages. You’ve got to have “faith” that these are real.
      -5 Good Text Message Faith points for you Nick.

    2. And my despair is based upon the same principles as religion too… even if it were real, why would they be stupid enough to let this happen?!

  4. FAKE, I’m convinced every text fail on EF is a fake. Need more technology and people fails. C’mon people, FCUK something up ??

  5. Dear EpicFail, you NEED to stop posting these craps.
    It’s not funny.
    EpicFail is slowly turning itself into an epic fail… /facepalm

  6. Now rule one -- get your cash on, M.O.B. That's Money Over Bitches, cause they breed envy Now rule two is a hard one, watch for phonies Keep yo', enemies close nigga, watch yo' homies says:


  7. Obviously fake, if my boyfriend would send me that text, I would at least call him instead of texting back. Besides, she’s only angry at her sister. I would be more pissed at my boyfriend for allowing my little sister to lick his ass…

  8. Some are real…..I sent a text message to my husband once….i asked him how were the twats and meant to say tests…but it was already sent.

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