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  1. I have no tolerance for fat people and the fat excuses of why they are fat. Fuck your slow metabolism, its called pushing away from the table, and using your fat ass legs….fat people.

    1. Well what if people have hypo thyroid. Hypo thyroid is a disorder where the metabolism slows down on it’s own regardless if the person was once thin and healthy

    2. we should gather up a hole shit load of chubs and put them in a long room and make them run from wolves to the exit , only three can make it out…..

    3. True, there are lazy fat people.
      But there are people with disorders and you shouldn’t put them down. I know a couple of them who worked their asses off in the gym and couldn’t lose weight at all until they began with medication.
      But alas, there are really lazy people.

  2. Wow… You are truely fucked up. Yo. you think you fucking know everything there could be a bigger excuse then you no of. just because you are feeling shitty about your self doesnt give you the rite to talk down on other people grow the fuck up!

  3. -And after writing that, “Marston The Canadian” took his 300kg body to his unfinished task, that was precisely to create the biggest videogame ever mixing WoW and Skyrim facts, believing that this would be his greatest achievement since he once used a pizza to eat a sausage, and called it: “ultimate hot dogzza”-

    1. No…its actually not. Maybe its because I’m not a big gamer so I really don’t know what Wow or Skyrim is, and is dogzza an inside joke between fat people?
      -Look, if I’ve offended anyone…I’m truly sorry,…that your obese.

  4. omg. i saw this on facebook. and it was a small picture. i seriously thought she was fucking around, and had the ball under her shirt. till i clicked on it… -.-

  5. She doesn’t fit in cause shes fat. Fat people are so funny. Like Me……Cause I’m fat. Heehehehehehehhehehehehehehehheheh. Aww I amused myself…. time for a beer.

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