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  1. This isn’t really a fail. Its a guy with long hair with a blonde streak in his hair. Probably took some chicks mascara wand for fun.

    Whoever posted this was a fail!

    1. I use purple eye-shadow on my dick, red lipstick on the head, and…Oh!…To answer your question: HELL NAW!

    2. I have to imagine the red lipstick brings the veins out nicely on the shaft. I will have to recommend that to my husband sometime to see what he thinks 😛

  2. She’s not grooming it, she’s applying mascara! She wants to look her best after all, I mean she IS at school. And WTF is sticking out of her pants? Granny Panties?!?

  3. Deep Male Voice: “HEY BABY”…. I mean….switching to a more female voice: “I mean,….hey baby”….

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