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  1. when you photoshop you need to take out yourself and layer it on a blank background. Do all of your changes to your muscles and drag it back to its original spot and make it all one layer… newbs..

    1. lol he did everything but the chest.. women love a guy with a nice chest… not a chest of a 5 year old girl..

    1. Not so sure about that. That gutter trash Angela sure seems interested in him. I am guessing she is either really desperate or blind. Not sure which.

    2. She was being sarcastic, fucktards. It’s a double fail because the dumbfuck in the pic isn’t aware

  2. Hey dumbazz what are you gonna do when she shows up expecting a King size Mr. Good-bar and you offer her a snack size Milky Way.

    1. first it’s a girls room (shoes under the bed) and no way would she have such a shitty mirror. Second why would he post a pic that looked bad unless he was clueless. This was intentional manipulation that is all kinds of wrong.

  3. hey, you all are being such unconsiderate people. Why if he really is like that and his house has got such architecture with all that waves and stuff…

  4. homo,gay-ass pussy boy probably works out w/10 oz dumbbells.too gay to even be gay.Sure thats not a girl pretendin to be a boy?

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