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    1. Nah, that’s gonna leave a serious stain. Even the almighty milk trick won’t get that “pink ink” out, unless he hurries.

    2. BTW, 2lolo, that’s a better comment than usual. You may turn out to be the next Ralph Waldo Emerson, yet.

    3. 2LOLO you are so LAME!! Everything you say is retarded. You try and try and try but half the things you say don’t even make sense. In your case a “2-4” is not a box of beer, it’s your IQ level.

  1. No hanky panky tonight?! Shoot, you can always hanky panky IN THE SHOWER!! Then, get that stain out with a little Hydrogen Peroxide. Then, handky panky in the shower AGAIN!! 😛

    1. Don’t even try it! You, obviously, love that shit. All this hoopla of yours? You’re a freak! You’re nasty.
      Wanna come over for some Spam sandwidges?

  2. That may not be period blood. I banged a chick two days after she had an abortion, and we RUINED the bed at the Hyatt.

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