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  1. First of all I would like to clarify the definition of ‘Athiest’, since some of you don’t seem to understand-‘Thiest’ essentially means ‘higher power’, the prefix ‘a’ means without, without a higher power.Meaning that there ARE ‘athiest’ religions, buddism is one such religion.

    I am an Athiest myself,I don’t find other people’s religion offensive, because what they believe is none of my business, I am a man of science.What I DO find offensive is the hate driven fear mongering that religion has come to represent; the wars, the endless suffering all in the name of something that is supposedly sacred, the hypocrisy and misinterpretation of YOUR OWN RELIGION.I have read the entire bible, from an academic perspective, several times over.NOWHERE does it say “if you do not believe in god you will go to hell”. People say religion is good because of the morals it teaches you; don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal, don’t kill-if you don’t know to not do those things in the first place,you don’t fucking belong in society.

    However, I’d like to see all of the hatred towards religious people in these comments stop. Similar to how you cannot contrive an all encompassing stereotype about people because of their ethnicity or nationality, you cannot blame all of them for what a few have done. The more you act like that, the more you become just like what you claim to oppose.

    1. well said. im a science girl myself. i dont hate anyones religion or beliefs but i hate how people use religion as a weapon and/or reason to attack others (not just athiests). couldnt have said it better.

    2. The absence of religion or beliefs does not make a person evil or mean. The anger of the “believers” against those that don’t believe what THEY believe is the true evil. All these religions of peace, and love, and understanding… they kill, and hate, and just don’t understand… its sad that the most peaceful “religion” is atheism…

    3. Why is there even a term for people that don’t have religion? I don’t play bridge either, so am I an abridgist? Fucking ludicrous. Can you imagine what the human race could have accomplished if the Dark Ages never happened? Organized religion is the single most heinous catastrophe this world has ever seen and will ever see.

    4. Exceptionally well said – and may I add, a breath of fresh air to read a post from someone who uses proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. There is still intelligent life on planet Earth! Huzzah!

    5. Hey guys I have the body of a god!…………..but sadly its Budda, now watch as the hate mail rolls in

  2. i think religion is a pretty cool guy. eh kills aleins and doesn’t afraid of anything.

  3. While I don’t think what those people said was very “Christian” this girl reaps what she sowed. As an atheist myself, I don’t find the need to purge religious references from every corner of the earth. Basically, I don’t believe in God, so it makes no difference to me if the dollar bill says “In God we trust” on it. It could say “In the Easter Bunny we trust” and I wouldn’t really care either. Make no mistake, atheist kids should not have religion forced down their throats, and everybody’s tolerance for playing along in order to keep the peace will vary, but I don’t see how simply having a prayer written somewhere in the cafeteria is offensive enough to warrant a lawsuit. Atheism is not a dogma and atheists who get offended at every religious reference are more annoying than the religious people themselves.

    1. I agree.. for someone who chooses no folling the words they say should hold no meaning to them and there for should not be bothersome. Also, no one can force another person to actually say anything they don’t wish to.. When I am at a dinner table with my husbands grandparents I join hands in grace to be polite but don’t say the prayer ending. My choice

  4. I’m just so sure Christ will be waiting with open arms to recive those those foul mouth, hatefilled, “Christian” darlings. Why to spread the message kids, way to go.

    those 3 are no better then fascists like the Nazi’s, how’s it feel to insult and make death threats when you have no power yourself, and believe someone is gonna do it for you?
    you weak little shits have no right to say that, let alone got the balls to do it. Tell you what, I’ll come over there and kill you myself, since i just plain hate your type of egocentric incompetent idiots

    1. aaaah but NAZIS are not evil they were just simply men making a living (on the whole some were stupid) the only evil is the the man that corrupts people so lets do what the Ostrians have been doing to us the last centry or 2 and blame it on them 😀

  6. I love how America is so different to england. The majority of englands population are athiests. I think about 50 – 100 people out of 2000 in my school believe in god and most of them are muslims anyway and don’t talk shit to non believers because they stick by what they believe in and don’t lead themselves astray, like what i see in this and many other things on the internet. Also the people in the comments threatening her are pretty much hypocritical because if they are christians then why are they committing sins (sorry if this isn’t a sin i’m not very educated on sins and stuff but if it isn’t then christianity is fucked up XD ).

    I haven’t got anything against religions, but some people that use it as an excuse to insult and threaten people are no better than the level they put people down into by just being athiests. Like stephanie said in the comment, the athiests that take religious references to offence ARE more annoying than the over the top cristians.

    Yay for paragraphs XD

  7. atheists are the most persecuted people on the planet. And for what? not believing in something? And on top of it religions try to say that the big bang theory is a belief, like faith is a belief. Organized religion is a hateful, Hippocratic, ignorant state of mind that supports under educated, immoral and valueless ideals.

    1. What?! “Atheists are the most persecuted people on the planet” Are you insane? Have you never heard of The Jews?!

  8. I could give two flying furry rats asses what people believe when it comes to faith. By all means, if you wanna pray to a street sign, have at it. But church and state are separate and should stay that way, unless a church of awesome sauce starts then yeah lets just integrate that with EVERYTHING. The people who are using Facebook to run their mouths to someone who has a brain, and uses said brain, and the knowledge of government working in America that has been taught by the school they are in, should be poked in the eye with a really hot french fry… but I’m just a heathen lol

  9. if the high school was public then i do think it shouldnt even be allowed to have a prayer in the cafeteria but if it was a religious high school then it would be allowed…
    but still sueing the school for that is kindoff stupid but i still think she could maybe talk with the principal about it XD
    not sue the school

    1. Have you ever tried to reason with a narrow minded, moronic bible thumper that has gained even a tenuous grasp of meaningless power? It’s literally like trying to talk to a brick wall that has a mouth implanted in to, programmed to say “LALALA CAN’T HEAR YOU I’M RIGHT YOU’RE WRONG LALALA!” That is if you’re lucky, a large portion of the babbling jackasses get downright violent if you disagree with them.

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