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    1. To buy a pick axe of that quality (hardwood handle) is about $49.98 +taxes & he’s got 5 of them now. That’s like $250 worth of pick axe’s… He most likely has vandalism insurance, it’s basically mandatory… So, all things considered it looks like he did pretty good for himself!

    1. Damn, omgitsme! Don’t you know you’re supposed to soak ’em first? Apparently, you don’t eat dried beans much either?

  1. It’s the new miners model. Pick Axes are installed at the factory. You never know when you will need one.

  2. This was pictured in Serbia! Car is from Croatia, and some hooliganss trashed the CroGuy’s car 😛 toooo bad for him 😀

  3. This picture is half-year old. It was a “massage” from one criminal organization to other one. No phycho sh.. involved – just a “retro” methods of massaging…

  4. Ауди осъмна с пет забити кирки

    01.02.2011 11.31
    Пет кирки бяха забити в лека кола в Димитровград. 31-годишна жена съобщи, че са забити кирки в автомобила й. Пристигналата пред дома й на улица “Н.Бозвели” оперативна група на полицията установи, че в лекия й автомобил Ауди А-4 има забити четири кирки в предния капак и една в предното стъкло. Образувано е досъдебно производство.

  5. Those are not pick axes, They are pulaski’s, a wildland fire fighting tool you assholes….. JK but seriously.

  6. There’s Gold in them thar Audi’s!! And judging by the amount of force required for the pick axe to go through the hood, I think it was a dude that did this.

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