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    1. It’s supposed to be like something that exercise your mouth muscles so you won’t have wrinkles. ( the ones around your mouth).I know this because I live with a fanatic of Korea at home.

    1. Chinese are the ones on bikes. Japanese are the ones that make weird shit like this. For skullfucking.

    2. if this would be really a chinese bj helper, the cook wouldnt be able to reach the real mouth anymore.

    3. Basically, anyone who claims “Literacy Fail” on recognizing the difference between Japanese & Chinese text is a douche nozzle… regardless of ethnicity.

    4. So now literacy means I have to be able to read and write foreign languages too?? And ethnicity means I have to tell someone’s nationality simply by the shape of their written language?? FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  1. its a dick suck device it makes your lips stretch so she can suck penis… to bad everyone has tiny pnis in japan so the product is uneeded, no rasicm here

  2. Is this some sort of some sort of sex toy, or a anti-snoring thingie? I’d totally pour mayo in there while she slept. Or soy sauce. XD

  3. Why would they need this, since all asian women’s goal in life is to find and marry a man wouldn’t they already know how to give blowjobs?

  4. If you look closely at the picture, you can see that it’s some kind of device to fix wrinkles around the mouth (hence the before picture with the smile lines and then the after picture).

  5. Its for working the muscles that define your face , pictures show muscle groups , the fact you can breathe easily while useing it and how natural it … doesnt actualy look ><

  6. @FRED, Something new for you…. With this Nicky can fuck your face as Ian can bang your butt.. They call it 3 some…………. Happy days are here again, Fred will be coming soon…

    1. What vulgarity. Have you no shame? You know God is watching you. And on Judgement Day we’re all gonna have our billy clubs ready to LAPD your goofy ass.

    2. It’s true. God is like Batman. He sees everything. And I don’t need any fancy Japanese toys to fuck face. All I need is an open mouth and the wind in my pubes. Unless we’re indoors of course.

  7. You ain't ordinary bruh, you aint ordinary bruh bruh, you aint ordinary o-ordinary o-ordinary bruh bruh. You a duck nigga bruh bruh, you a fuck nigga bruh bruh, you aint ordinary o-ordinary o-ordinary bruh bruh. says:

    eazy peepee access 🙂

  8. It looks like a Deep Throat Device or something, but its NOT because look at the bottom right (She’s got a smiling one)

  9. There’s not two different ones. It’s flexible. Look in the center at the bottom. There’s a hand squishing it. Looks like a device to exercise the muscles around the mouth to help prevent wrinkles. Or to make them stronger for a better bj 😉 lol

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