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  1. Mcdonald’s breakfast is Awesome! The McGriddle is the best and the hashbrown is so good. I think it’s romantic. Romance doesn’t always have to be about how much money you’re spending.

  2. MCDonalds is somewhat disgusting. Always liked it, never ate it in excess like some people do-some eat it daily.
    I think I’m not gonna bother with it anymore. Happened upon a picture of a burger and fries in a doctors office on there counter. Doctor left it there for 2 years to make a point. It literally showed no sign of decomposition. And we eat that crap? I’ll pass!

    1. Hey! I’ve had a few hamburgers and fries laying around my floorboard for years and they’re still fresh!

    1. You bought your pubes from an older boy, didn’t you? Or did you just rake them out of the toilet after your mother shaved hers?

  3. My hubby and I went to Jack In The Box for our first breakfast. We had just moved in, spent $650 on a deposit and first month’s rent. LOL. I was lucky to even get Jack in the Box, it should have been McDonald’s. haha.

  4. Hey, our first breakfast was waffle house and that’s because we had to live in a hotel untill the army situated us somewere, it’s not much but when your a newlywed couple, getting to wake up to eachother for the first time and going out to breakfast is more romantic then you might think. Especially when you think about all the starving people in the world, they would be more than happy to have mcdonalds!

  5. I let the bitch starve till I get the stank, then throw her a can of spam and tell her to make us a couple a samwiches.
    Sorry, guys. I’m just a romantic at heart. Fuck McDonalds.

  6. Is the real fail here that EF has gone to the trouble to blank out the facebook user names and yet on the right you get to see her full username anyway 😐

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