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    1. You’re both wrong. Both games are gay as fuck since they follow the exploits of the gay ole usa

    2. Video game fags can suck my cock like this faggot and his gay tattoo.

      WHERE THE FUCK IS NICKY? Goddamn bastard is always late.

    3. Black Ops, MW, Battlefield… They all suck ass. They shit one out right after another and you idiots just suck it down.

    1. Uhh…….You’re talking about problems Amy. But….you’re dead. I’d consider that a problem.

    1. Well, I’d probably say that it looks like some stupid shit that 2lolo thought he saw on a LOTR shield and penned on his arm. Thanks for asking.

  1. He needed to research his artist before he let the dumb ass ruin his skin. Who knows what that is, a cross with a scarf, a bird trying to fly away…

  2. When I got my tattoos they designed it on the pc, printed it out and used some liquid or something to kinda imprint it on me so I know how it looks and the artist can do it right
    I got 2 in Spain and 1 in Ireland so its not as if its just the one place that I went that does it like that
    I’m guessing they don’t do that in American then..?

    1. America like any other first world country has high standards of sanitation and quality. But, like anywhere in the world, you CAN find a thuggish retard to give you a basement tattoo, if you’re stupid enough to let them.

    2. and its called a temporary tattoo… the strange liquid being printed out from the computer… its a temporary tattoo so they don’t have to freehand.

    1. No. I have your face tattooed on my ass with your mouth being my sphincter and your tongue is a big, red, protruding, pus oozing hemorrhoid.

  3. I figured it out, and that’s a shame, tattoos should not have to be figured out. Anyway, it is a cross with a drape hanging over and around the back, with the letters god on one side, and son on the other, you just have to use the mirror image on your paint program to be able to figure it out.

  4. mannnn thats childish why the fuck would yuu putt his number on this and wat if his tat is supposed to look stupid

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