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  1. Ugh, now this is either a synthol fail or a photoshop fail… I DON’T think it’s a “natural bodybuilding fail” …

    1. Yeah, I’d actually go with that one too… as most people trying to “embellish” themselves with photoshop wouldn’t know how to use layers…

    1. Quit cock blocking, 2lolo. This is Brit/Uhmerican foreplay. Something you won’t understand even after “you” reach puberty. Which you’ll probably never reach. Some goals are just too high for you. Just because you call yourself “handicapable”, it doesn’t really mean that your worth a fuck. It’s just a euphemism.
      Now go find a dictionary and figure out what I just said. If you can figure out what a dictionary is.

    1. I’d love to find his real page instead of the one above that is really just making fun of him. I would love to have a bigger supply of funny ass pics of him.

  2. prince of darkness? more like prince of fakeness.cruisin for an infection with all that synthol dude,already looks like a drained abcess on his right shoulder.

  3. Ok for all of you confused lads, this is NOT natural. This happens when you inject Steroids directly into your muscles. This creates artificial muscle mass filled with puss that’s why it looks like breast implants. Some idiots think its very cool:D I think they are douches, The old fashion bodybuilding is the shit this is for lasy nurds ! Every one can do it.

    1. I can’t my pride won’t let me and my laziness keeps me from exercising, however high metabolism keeps me thin, or depression not sure which

  4. He puts up vids on his FB and I don’t want to watch them but my curiosity gets the best of me and I end up so grossed out. It’s a shame because he seems talented musically and he used to be good-looking before he did all that.

  5. ahahahaaaaaaha what an idiot. I still don’t get why any dumbass would rather inject brown cum in his bodyparts and not actually do something called hmm…lemme see….WORK OUT.

  6. Suroor P.S. the Joker guy! the best thing about this dumbnut is he hates everyone who dislikes his biceps. But how can anyone make this idiot understand that he is the King of Jokers and not any Prince.This clown thinks synthol abuse really did made him look good. And he abuses and curses all women in the world because they refused to date him because he look ugly. Care to look in a mirror atleast once bro? and try Norbit Rasputia, asshole

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