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  1. This picture has been swarming around on different sites for months. Doesn’t EP ever check out any other sites to see what is on them before accepting these old ass photos?

    1. @OMGITSME, Old ASS Photos??? Yep!! you should change your old ass photo!!! People are sick looking at your ASS…………

    2. I’ve been visiting this website for a pretty long time and I can’t believe 2lolo is still talking shit nobody cares about. I haven’t seen anything more painful since Dipsht.
      Someone should write a book about this guy, it would sell just fine…

  2. I dont know about you guys but this is a awsome idea. lol
    “B-4 opps you sank my battleship now bottems up lol.

    1. I agree. Fill those glasses with George Dickell, or better yet Montezuma, and it would be interesting to see whether either player made it to the end of the game.

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