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    1. no it’s actually ”did she die”..check your grammar before you try to correct other people’s mistakes and call them names..

    2. I prefer “did she death?:(” myself. But I guess the lot of you are fresh out of 2nd grade and excited about the grammer lessons you’ve just learned… Nice job!

  1. he’s a narcoleptic meaning he passes out when he gets too excited or laughs too hard… it’s a disease but its still funny πŸ™‚

  2. This appears to be a multifail.

    MOM: What did you do at school today, honey?
    KID: Oh!… we tickled some colored kid until he had a petit mal seizure and passed out.
    MOM: Oh.. that’s nice dear. Want some Cheezee Poofs?
    KID: Damn right I want Cheezee Poofs!!

  3. I thought he was going to shit himself. This was a win in my opinion since I am hella jealous that guy can ptfo that quickly.

  4. I was expecting the black guy to wet himself… surely didn’t see this one coming πŸ˜€
    Did you notice how they didn’t find it weird at all?
    He passed out and they were laughing, even tickling him some more… Hell, they didn’t give a shit πŸ˜€

  5. What? nobody noticed that the read head slut was massaging the black manΒ΄s package with her right elbow? wh*re did it on purpouse and just pretended to be playing to touch black d*ck…

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