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    1. Looks more like a Living Fail to me. I think these kids are in some type of Stupid Worship Cult, and their god is the god of Stupidity. I think they should have a mass suicide pact. Just saying.
      And 2lolo should join!

    2. When browsing this site, I sometimes worry that today’s teens aren’t just getting dumber, they’re also forgetting what funny is. The future is bleak. Live for today. Masturbate constantly.

    3. Militaryminded said it (and I agree) that Uhmerican’s have lost the concept of irony. Also, I can make a sarcastic statement and very few In the UH.S. understand that I mean the opposite and that I’m joking.
      But yeah, masturbating does help calm my frustration. It’s just that soredick ointment is becoming increasing more expensive.

  1. No win, yo. More like a fail. Lol. I see this happen too often, for it to be an actual win -.- It’s just that cheesy. X.x

  2. C’mon, people, they’re just having fun. You all should read Christina H’s article on Cracked about the 7 stupidest things that make people proud — being a cynical dbag is one of ’em. One more for the road, “I throw convicts behind bars sometime, saying ayo, I’m Joe Arpaio”

    1. Nope, they both just subscribed to that gay Bieber hairstyle…the permanent shaggy haired d-bag that just suffered the permananet swirly in a toilet.

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