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  1. well… judging from the sorroundings it looks like this kid’s living in a country that has even bigger problems… And by the way epicfail: What makes you know this kid even still HAS parents? – Sad but true…

    1. Oh!!!…I see the fail now! He’s not carrying an assault rifle AK47, parents never taught him how to kill. Ya, that’s a serious mistake.

    2. I’m sure he has a glock shoved down the front of his shorts and another carton of smokes and booze next to the dead looking dog in the background.

  2. I think his parents would be happy enough that his child didn’t die of a disease. That’s if his parents are still alive.

  3. most parents fail letting their children go to public schools that subject children to propeganda, and brainwashes them into beliving there is a wolrd that doesnt exist. School just makes blue collar slaves through socialism, and the rich get richer.

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