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    1. I know you are. You design your comments just to arouse my arousal. I think you’re a cougar, just out after my hot tight bod. Out to seduce me by playing coy. You little minx.

    2. Besides, what I don’ know about women, I can always ask my good buddy, 2lolo. He’s an expert cockster. He’s played the field for quite some time.

    3. @FRED, I SHAVES my Balls last night.. But you can’t lick it anymore… Now IAN is doing your job…………..

    4. Well, you got me there, Ian. I wonder if he has any balls left after attempting to shave them.
      2lolo, why would you shave your balls when we’ve already determined you get your pubes by raking them out of the toilet after your mother shaves hers?

    5. Well, Fred, I understood half of what you said. i’m not in a good mood anyways, so I won’t bother answering… even though I would love to have a verbal fight with you, in real life. :3

    6. Well, I hope you get to feeling better, britishgirl. I hope you don’t take me to serious and put you in a bad mood.

    7. @FRED, I Shaved my balls because your Mother and Sister ask me.. Your Mother and Sister is coming over tonight.. I’ll have a FUCKING good time……….

    8. Well, 2lolo, sorry, but you wasted your time and shaving cream. They both like big hair vaginas. So, you might want to wear a face guard. They have long nails.

  1. Love or Shaved Balls….Love or Shaved Balls…hmmm…This is a situation where BROS before HOES would’ve done this poor sap a favor. Then again i think its a fake anyway.

    1. Come on now, its the actual site that fails now instead of the posts. They just took the game to a whole new level.

  2. What the fuck is with these fake texts spreading everywhere? It was fun for a while but god damn does everyone have to make this shit now? Its gotten so old now.

  3. I don’t know why I even bother anymore to read all these fake text messages. I don’t think there was once a real one.

  4. You ain't ordinary bruh, you aint ordinary bruh bruh, you aint ordinary o-ordinary o-ordinary bruh bruh. You a duck nigga bruh bruh, you a fuck nigga bruh bruh, you aint ordinary o-ordinary o-ordinary bruh bruh. says:

    Ok these are getting old and stupid.

  5. Even if I looked past the fact there are only 5 messages between this guy and his supposed “girl”. The wording just sounds like two male trolls huddled up behind a pc on Friday night while all the cool people are out partying and fucking and somehow in some bizarre way, this makes them feel equally as cool.

  6. If no one has figured it out by now…ALL these iphone texts are fake. There are apps out there where you can text yourself (or if you’re a loser with enough time and actually have a friend to do something this stupid.)

    iphone texts like this are FAKE

  7. Epic fail for the EpicFail website for publishing those fake bullshits.

    On a bit different note – guys want shaved girls, so why wouldn’t girls want a shaved guys 😉 To be perfectly honest, being all hairy isn’t exactly the most sexy thing! 😀

  8. I shave my ball if you’d like to lick it..yes I only have one testicle!! I make excellent tea bags though!! Enjoy!!

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