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    1. @FRED, I had sex with your sister last night.. Damn!!! She good!!! Ass to Mouth…….. She told me she learn every-thing from you……….. Please teach LYMBE sister too…….. Your sister also told me WHO’S your real Daddy………….

    2. Fred, is the “uh” because you needed cognitive pause to remember how to spell a word shorter than the one you just invented?

      And mal, they don’t. You guys can all keep up with the fat jokes and we can pick on your poor hygiene and considerable bad spelling and worse food choices. Keep in mind that we manufacture most of the vaccines from illnesses born through other countries.

      Also, we may overuse resources, but everyone on the fking planet does. The difference is that third world governments keep it for themselves and starve their people. It takes more than the existence of Americans to cause poverty and hunger in seven continents. Fk, China makes up for more of it than we do.

    3. See? This melissa attitude is what I’ve been bitching about. It’s assholes like her that think they can say whatever the fuck they want to say, but let someone, even someone that has served in the fucking military, say something other than “God Bless America”, and they get all pissy and crying foul.
      Melissa, we don’t need another “America has done this shit, America has done that shit” speech from some little bitch that hasn’t done shit (of course you’re gonna tell us about all good deeds that you’ve done, now). But you definitely know how to talk shit.
      Develop a sense of humility and shut the fuck up. Take it with a grain of salt. It’s fucktards like you, melissa, that’s fucked this country. Not low lifes like me. Do you think people in Britain, China, Japan, or Afghanistan want to hear another of those fuckwitted speeches?
      Look at some of the videos on YouTube of your wonderful police spraying people with tear gas, beating the shit out of people and loving every minute of it. Hell, all they do around where I live is fuck with people. Mainly poor people. Read some history and you’ll find that Hitler and Mussolini made laws and enforced them on only who they wanted to. Sound fucking familiar? No, probably not. You’re too busy gossiping and catching up on what Paris is wearing or who the girl in the next cubicle is sucking to even know what’s happening around you. So, go back to texting your girlfriends, you self righteous cunt.

    4. @Melissa, Can we be friends??? I love the way you rip into fred……… Please don’t be too up-set with Fred. He is just learning to count to 10..

    5. 2lolo, when am I gonna have you internet-bullied enough to hang yourself? It shouldn’t be that difficult. Just tie a noose to your ceiling light fixture, put it around your puny little neck, and shove the wheelchair out from under yourself.

    6. Wow Fred, not even a spelling error. No-one even touched on the billions of dollars America has spent on the “war on terror” and the amount of oil produced and consumed by countless SUV’s and hillbilly trucks. The weak greenback and fucked up economy, the most pathetic health system amongst 1st world countries and the obese epidemic. Gee, this debate could go on for decades.BTW, you suck Melissa, I bet your fat too!!

    7. Ian, before 911 there were Irish pubs, I know one in D.C., that had a IRA donation boxes. How many frequented those pubs gave a fuck about “terrorism” then?

    8. If Thomas Paine was alive today, talking his shit like he did in his day, I wonder what would happen to him.

    1. hey asshole, don’t impersonate me unless you’re going to be saying eloquent shit with perfect spelling/punctuation.

  1. The first, second, and fourth pics are all just different shots of the same display. It’s been all over facebook for days.

  2. “Win” …sure, only if that’synonymous with “Gluttony”. F*ck these people with a sense of over-deserving entitlement. That’s enough food to feed a small shelter and some fat-ass american douchebags believe that it’s their freedom to take so much for their own satisfaction and mindless entertainment.
    Plus i f8uck goats

  3. This is a WIN, Im guessing this is for a massive party as the ppl making it look like caterers. Any one of these could get cleaned off with a minumum party of 10-15 people (if this is what they would call dinner) 20 if this is just a snack before going out to Buffalo Wild Wings after the game.

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