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    1. Tis true! Let me put on my three piece suit, my 78 piercing studs in my face, my Stacy Adams, stuff my double insulated wool sock down my left thigh, and I’m a force to be reckoned with. Haters be, fuckin’, hatin’. Yo yo yo, Freddy’s in da house!

  1. His name is “Divine” and has acted in movies like” Pink flamingos” By Jhon Waters….
    Sooooooooo freak and NAAAASTY!!!!

  2. Someone get a rope. What a sick, sick puppy. I don’t understand drag queens. Why dress up as a girl if your trying to attract other gay guys? Unless he is trying to attract straight guys. I wonder how many straight guys went to bed with him and when they found out he is a man, they just decided to fuck him anyway seeing how far they have already gone, might as well finish.

    1. What are you worried about? Accidentally laying a dude? I think you need to chill out and lay off, nasty inter-troll/ probable real life troll

    2. it’s an art form, idiot. they’re not out to attract anyone by dressing up. it’s a performance thing. the only thing sick around here is you…AND you’re stupid.

    1. Neither do I. Total classic and someone could not come up with anything better than to dredge up this photo from years ago.

  3. Looks like john leguizamos clown character in the spawn movie if the other person that watched that movie is in here I’m sure you’ll corroborate.

  4. All I can’t understand is why the queens actually make themselves look older when they are made up. It’s doesn’t make sense to me why a 24 year old dude comes out looking like a fifty year old broad w a facelift

  5. Putting Devine onto EpicFail is a FAIL in itself. Devine rightfully occupies a place in pop culture history. Whoever posted this obviously missed the point.

  6. I’ll assume the OP is a enthusiast of stage makeup and is mocking the subject’s interpretation. Or drag queens make him uncomfortable.

  7. She’s a 60’s Godess for all you friggin retards- she was way ahead of her time than you douchbags will ever be- go back to school

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