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  1. Oh that looks just awful. I’m a girl that loves tattoos on a guy usually . That is just auful. Sorry dude. Did you not see your “tattoo artist” couldn’t draw or set up your words straight. Well youre the one who has to lice with… That

  2. This is exactly why I will never get a tattoo. And people call me a pussy for not getting one, just look at the image and imagine that on your skin, permanently.

  3. At the time of the pic, the jackhole artists is telling people “I did it all freehand man, thats fuckin bad ass!!”. Im sure they hang around a “crew” of suburban would-be ballaz who are all in agreement, except for the one kid who has big brother that sports a legitimate tat. This is kid is like “I don’t know dude” to which the newly tatted ass troll responds “aw man, you just a fuckin hater”. Then his mom enters the room and he quickly hides the tat and they all start talkin normal…
    yeah I put too much thought into that, but its better than just checkin out another f’d up homemade tattoo.

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