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  1. he’s cute now…but when he comes home with his new “friend” Brad…don’t be surprised. What? You know this kid is going to grow up and be gay right?

    1. Any man who can dance like that is probably gay. Awkward shuffling is for real men. Slow dance if we must… but that’s it.

    2. AS SOON AS HE’LL GROW UP and will find out what advantages bring kowing how to kourt a woman with the dancy tricks he’ll be shagging more than you ever tought could be possible.. That dancing stuff will be the secret ingredient of a pussy magnet.

    1. loool…i often do that as well, tho im usually doing about yesterday, ill most likely be facepalming myself tomorrow too

  2. That is a future Dancing w/ the Stars dancer or competition dancer. Very talented for his age, w/ a lack of inhibition that is great for what he’s doing.

  3. You ain't ordinary bruh, you aint ordinary bruh bruh, you aint ordinary o-ordinary o-ordinary bruh bruh. You a duck nigga bruh bruh, you a fuck nigga bruh bruh, you aint ordinary o-ordinary o-ordinary bruh bruh. says:

    he gets more pussy than me.

  4. Damn I’m not even that awesome NOW. Where’s the restart button on this thing?

    Whoops that’s not it. Well, go with it.

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