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    1. OK, really bad hair, very bad nails, and overweight, all I can say is I hope she was charged extra for the ride!

    2. Public transportation. It’s always worth the admission price. Now we know why Asians never leave home without a camera.

    1. @Intellectual Dude, We all know what is in your head, “Now you wish, you didn’t had SEX with your Sister. You could had sex with that Cow”……..

    2. I agree with Intellectual Dude. She probably thinks she looks good, but I would rather blame the hairdresser who is pumping her with bullshit in order to make a buck. She probably could use a real friend to tell her the truth. Ever been to beauty parlor? You’ll find a bunch of two-faced backstabbing bitches.

  1. And she’s got a walker on top of everything else. N can someone please tell me what’s that on the other side is it someone with a white t shirt n another bad hair do or is it a bag? I really can’t tell

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