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  1. Classic Under The Hood Explosion prank win…. Omg, I remember those days when we laughed & laughed… & laughed & laughed… ok, time to go masterbate now. I’m past due.

    1. Multitasking is the key… watch and bate, walk and bate, eat and bate, sleep and bate, shit and bate… I can even piss whilst wanking. That’s like the Jedi master level of masturbation though. Work up to it.

    2. Ah Nicky, apparently your training is unfinished. You haven’t yet mastered the art of masturbating during sex.

    1. @Pinapple, Nicky is marred to Ian…………. Stop trying to pick-up Nicky……..
      MM17 is single and he is into FAGs like you………… But MM17 is all used up by more penis that you can ever count………. YES… Pineapple it’s over 10……….

  2. Surely a blessing in disguise for these mechanics… “yeah, you’re gonna need a whole new engine darlin’… dunno how you even made it to the garage to be honest. It’s fucked”

    1. After you change the oil and replace the oil filter you need to start the car for a few seconds to fill the oil filter and then you check the dipstick.
      But we honestly don’t know at what step they were at, what they could have done wrong, or what was wrong with the car to cause this to happen.

    2. @DeadlyFoez “what they could have done wrong”?let me guess:that sure wasnt oil,and for sure what they used there was some high flamable liquid i guess

    1. PS: But what really makes me wonder is how those mechanics first stood around like “WTF?” and didn’t make a DASH for an extinguisher

  3. I ran a Jiffy Lube for several years and the only time I ever saw anything like that happen was when someone sprayed starting fluid in a car while it was running and the engine backfired through the intake manifold, which on that engine is plastic… I cannot think of a single thing they could’ve possibly done during the oil change that would have caused that, unless of course for some reason they sprayed in a bunch of starting fluid…

    1. lmao I dunno what was funnier about this statement… the actual statement or that you said taterchip… hehehe

  4. Looks like the injector bowl assembly just blew up. The pressure from the fuel pump caused the jet of fire. That has to be a manufacturer defect. Because of the pressures involved, the injectors and really the whole fuel system are the most common recall issues.

    1. Not what Keith said.

      Injector bowl assembly? You’re confused, carburetors have fuel bowls. Fuel injection systems have rails.

      Fuel system is NOT the most common recall issue.

      Fuel injection system’s don’t just explode.

  5. Why am i so stoopid?
    I mean, I think i am funny and always have something to comment every-single-pathetic-day of my life ..but i am …still…looooser.
    A good fisting will make me feel better…Kenny get the lube! im taking tonight!

  6. That dude was doing nothing…only eating chips, then when it exploded or w/e, that nigga burnt out. he was gonee and doing nothing.

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