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  1. I would’ve thought it prudent to have a medical team on stand-by at these events. And maybe employ someone to calculate trajectory/ obstacles etc etc. Then again, people are always secretly hoping for the crash…

    1. @LYMBE, You tone of your voice change when, Nicky A$$-F#CK …… As Any Winehouse FART in you face…… Just Saying………

    2. I think your standards are dropping Spankorama. The safety team must come from the same gene pool as 2lolo, the very shallow end!!

    3. @2lolo, you have the most moronic comments ever, you’re excessive gay talk means one thing to me, you sir must be struggling with your own homosexual demons, probably a christian

  2. Ithink this video should be removed out of respect, the performer did die and i dont think this video should be place in pages like this one so he can be made fun of…

  3. “Hey Jimbob Moron. Do you think that wire in the middle of your flight path might be a problem?” “Nah. Nevermind.”

    1. if you are a family member you maybe should be at the hospital instead of surfin 😛 And if you arent a family member you can just fuck off

    1. wow i am glad he did not die, looks painful when he hit that wire. too bad this was not in the first ghost rider since he always did stunts to see if he can die but cant.

  4. wow…why did the announcer ask for a doctor like he was still puttin on a show…its an emergency and hes talkin all slow and the way hes talkin i can picture him smiling while hes asking…thats the fail

  5. What about fried eggs? I’d like fried eggs for breakfast. Thanks. (That’s why we have the super-fried eggs. FUCK YOU! – I won’t return to Boston cause it’s too fucking cold!)
    Wouldya like some bacon? – Sho’ nigguh, stick it in ya orifice!

  6. And The Lights go dim………………………..”We cant show you the blood………but we guarantee you he’s fucking destroyed”!

  7. Wow that was pretty brutal, reminds me of this video of this chick crashing head first into the pavement – BOOM HEADSHOT!

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