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  1. If I’m gonna inhale any powder, it sure as shit isn’t gonna be cinnamon. Damn emo kids can’t get anything right. I bet he’s wearing tight jeans on legs as thick as my wrist. Ridiculously bright teeth though… looks like the lost Osmond (one for the grown-ups).

    1. Haha I sure am a bitter old bastard and yes, it is very sad that alternative types are sticking cinnamon up their noses these days, instead of narcotics.

  2. Wtf was he bleeding? Apparently its not just emo kids its this new thing middle school n freshmen do i guess if u can do it ur consisered badass.

  3. (In the most homosexual possible emo voice) omg my nose is bleeding! Omg omg its everywhere! Its everywhere!

    -_-. Stupid bitch.

      MR. & MR. CHEAP JACKASS……………………

  4. Wait a sec… so he ate a spoon of cinnamon and started gag and choke and his nose started to bleed… but that was just CINNAMON, right? – The spice used in apple pies, christmas biscuits and cookies and stuff… I don’t really get it…

    1. You should be able to eat a heaping tablespoon of cinnamon in one gulp, no problem then, huh? Be sure to capture your triumphant moment on camera.

    2. Yep, I had absolutely no idea that THIS can happen! Seriously. Guess I really know very little about cooking ingredients! 😀

  5. What is the fascination of people harming themselves by way of pulmonary aspiration…..I hope all who do this challenge gets emphysema.

  6. Sorry for me being dumb, but… Is cinnamon dangerous when you try to eat it like this?
    I really don’t know, one probably wouldn’t suppose that an innocent cookie and pie spice can almost kill you 😀

    1. It is not poison in normal sense but can make damage mechanicaly. Cinnamon powder particles are sharp and dangerous to your soft tissue when dry,just like asbestos.
      It’s perfectly safe in dishes.

    1. couple things to point out here first when you bake with cinnimon you only use a very small amount, second cinnimon is a tree bark ground in to a powder so basically billions of tiny splinters that when come in direct contact with the soft tissue of the lungs and throat cause bilions of micro cuts allowing blood to pass through, that said stick to inhaleing soft powders not wood fibers

  7. Does anybody knows if this guy is alive? OMG! It looks terrible! I was looking for more videos on youtube and this hemorragic way NEVER HAPPENS… maybe he had allergy and he didn’t know…. :S It is true that Darwin wins… but I’m worried! Poor parents…

  8. a glimpse of his final moments when he inevitably dies an AIDS related death. why did those stupid blacks fuck all those goddamn monkeys?

    1. LOL
      When we learned in 6th grade what is AIDS and where it came from
      techer said it’s not clear how it was trnsmited from apes to people. This is theory I told him…and got grounded….

  9. I was not aware that there was a Cinnamon Challenge. Initial impression, 1000% more intense and awesome than pepsi challenge. As more of a spectators’ sport anyway.

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