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    1. What people fail to realise is that the swastika was around long before the German Nazi movement and it has very positive connotations. That’s why I have seven tattooed on my face.

    2. Goes back to ancient India. What it means, I forget. I’m like Carlin said, “Symbols are for symbol minded people”.

    3. Actually, swastikas have many different designs. The oldest Europeans ones, are found in stone carvings and artifacts in Sweden…They were a symbol of the Norse gods.

  1. get over it , it’s been 70 years for god sake ! , there is more important things to take care of , stop getting offended by every thing you pussy

    1. Congratulations 2lolo, not only did you almost get your grammar correct, your comment had an element of wit as well. You never cease to amaze me.

    2. @IAN, Well you didn’t say that when you first seen my penis.. And told me, ” I can’t take it all in.” But you did…………

  2. the nazis/axis were the good guys. the allies were and still are the bad guys bombing countries everywhere. ww2 history is all propaganda. all races fought for the nazis. Judea declares war on Germany 1933.

  3. “I know Weston-super-Mare is twinned with Hildesheim in Germany” – Yeah that’s a pretty good reason NOT to include any swastika patterns in their flowerbeds, stupid butthole! Oh man, I hate those head-on-backwards Britfags!

  4. omfg the reporter is a moron :X this is the sign of peace and prosperity from the indians(not american indians!!!) its also the sign of Buda ;] its not a nazi sign -_-

    1. There are many different designs of the swastika, this design was created by Nazi Germany..the Indian swastika is similar but different.

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