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  1. As a Dutch person I’ve noticed that American teenagers and kids are retarded, but all the American elderly people are awesome.

    Why is this?

    1. As an American person, I’ve noticed that no one gives a flying F’ about the Dutch.
      Why is that? Oh, is it because the rest of the world isn’t busy being judgemental douchebags? Is that it? Is that why? Or is it because the rest of the world isn’t caught up w/ talking about crap based completely on what the internet told them? Is that why?

    2. And, as an American myself. I MUST tell you, not ALL American Teenagers, are retarded, and disrespectful, you twit. -.- I have NEVER disrespected someone, that was respectful, and kind, to me! The ONLY time, I am ever cruel, or disrespectful, to people. Is when the DESERVE it! Though, I’m following right behind Bud, on this one! He seems to be making some sense here. >:P

    3. You guys should take your country less serious. A single negative comment and you’re insulted.

      I don’t give a fuck about Holland, too.

    4. That’s weird..because most of the old, American people still consider you and your country Nazis.
      Why is that?


    5. Observe what?…Your head up your ass?…I think we have all have already seen that.
      Americans are ignorant and disrespectful…we know that about ourselves…but not all of us are like that my friend.
      Worry about your people and we’ll worry about ours.

    6. Zoey you dumb illiterate cunt. A single “you’re wrong dude” would suffice because a) You contradict yourself on your very first (somewhat of a) sentence,
      and b) your dumb illiterate fat cunt tried to hide under Bud who at least made a witty comment.
      On a sidenote, there’s nothing like fucking Amsterdam.

    7. While you guys discuss, here in Brazil we are preparing for the Carnival… lol
      Sad… but BEAUTIFUL… can’t wait to see the girls “sambando”!
      All the countries have the same shit, disrespectful teenagers, angry old people, just enjoy the angry old woman and that’s it! 😀

    8. @ Gallaghers: you don’t know the difference between Dutch and German, not only are you American you’re also ignorant. Twice the loser. I feel sorry for you.

    9. Okay, here , again, coming to the rescue, of the innocent europeans being verbally assaulted by americans or whatever they are. Leave Bart Alone, people. We all should love each other and take our hands and pray. :3 Peace between the French and British, between the canadian and the french, the american and the rest of the world………

    10. @Keith please, PLEASE tell me you’re joking..? And @GallaghersAreShameless I facepalm in your general direction.

  2. Typical uneducated black bitch , those little monkeys hate everything , including themselves. They dont understand respect because they are to damn stupid to know that they are illiterate idiots. . . To top it off , this trashy niggress cant understand why all the black boys want a white or asian woman , its simply because of dumbass bitches like this.

    1. Your fucking dumb honestly you hear the old lady saying “WHITE FUCKING BITCH” which means the girl is white she is talking to grow some ears dumbass. Your illiterate enough not to actually listen but then be racist. SHAME SHAME SHAME….. Your comment is a fucking fail

    2. thats really offensive for no reason…I’m none of that and top it off i’m too good for black guys. js

  3. Someone really should’ve stepped in and broken that mouthy little cunt’s jaw. Makes me so angry when retarded kids fail to respect the experience and wisdom of their elders, especially the world war generation- they’re some tough old bastards. Having said that, I would like to make that white-haired vixen my woman. It’s not disrespectful to come-on to old people. Unless you’re doing it literally. That’s illegal.

    1. @Nicky, I agree with you 100%.. FU@KING NIG#ERS, All NiG#ERS should be Slaves……. Want to be my NIG#ER Slave Nicky……..?????????????

    2. I don’t think you read my comment 2lolo. And as for black people, I happen to think they’re awesome. Every household should have one.

    3. RIGHT NICK…….. That’s why I want you to be my NIG#ER SLAVE.. Clean my home and wash my truck………….

    4. You drive a truck, 2lolo? Figures. You one of those psycho dudes that pick up roadkill, I’ll bet. I’m surprised that a fuckwit like you is allowed to drive. I’m not convinced you can drive your finger up your ass with both hands.

  4. IF SLAVERY came back iT would Reverse effect all OUR PENIS ENVY WILL multiply all the NIG$ERS ARE GONNA FUCC OUR WIVES
    N DAUGHTERS SMH Penis Pumps for everyone

  5. Racism Fail on all of you who thought she was talking to a black person. Granny called her a white bitch, and the chick said, “what are you, beige?”

  6. fucking old people. they want respect just because they’re old? what have they done to earn my respect? if they want me to respect them they better respect me.

  7. The best in this video is the black guy in the background not doing anything. I think it’s the problem with black people : they’re NEVER doing anything !

    1. Oh, look, a racist who knows how to use a keyboard. They say that if you put enough racists in a room with typewriters, they will eventually write a work by Shakespeare.

    2. Er, making people think of monkeys is probably not the best way to go about promoting antiracism, just saying.

  8. I love how people are flinging race cards left and right when no one even knows how all this shit happened. Talking about the girl being a “monkey”, “nigress”, shit like that? You’d think the old WHITE, HONKY, CRACKER woman would have the maturity to know when to stop. A couple of instances, the girl stopped talking, and the woman started up again.

    Both are in the wrong, but no one is more wrong than the other.

  9. I wish the lil bitch would have tried to raise up on that old lady, Somehow I think that old woman would have dropped her like a bag of shit before queen bitch got out of her seat properly.
    Old folks are lightning quick when least expect it. “you see this fist? It’s got your eyeball already imprinted on it”

  10. I can not believe the arrogance of youth these days. What ever happened to “respect you elders” and Im only 31!! and also Im sorry that most of the comments are race related Rather then about the damn clip!!

  11. Last time some black person mouthed an old person on a bus it didn’t end well. Some old bearded man layed his ass out real good! Left him beat and real bloody on a bus. Younger people need to remember that alot of old people are scared because they are more likely victims of harassment, robberies,etc….so they are usually carrying a weapon. So if you mess with an old person and get shot up or stabbed; maybe you will think before mouthing one again.

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