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  1. wow… wow…wow, well i bet the dog for that girl is a happy dog, heheheh, just what he wanted a PUSSY – cat hehehe and i was first for once

  2. if she looks decent ill lick her pussy, i have been called a dog before if thats what shes into 🙂 oh yea and FIRST BITCHES!!!

  3. my guess, by the words “It would be cool if we shared stories or pictures” is that either it is a kid trying to get a girl to send them nude pics or… “It’s A Trap!” God, I hope this is either of those.

    1. Clearly not from me… I don’t need to ask if it’s normal to have my grandma’s pet Labrador lick Nutella from my scrotum. How can it be wrong, when it feels so right??

  4. I dont know whats more disturbing. the fact that her dog licks her cunt and she’s proud of it; or the fact that 42% of voters thought its normal….

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