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    1. it is meant to have started in prisons to let other prisoners know they are available. thats what i heard anyway

    2. I agree with Monkey (umless he/she is black) monkey is wearing 3
      pair of pants that MY taxdollars probably bought.

    3. From what I have read, yes, it did start in prisons, but became a fashion of “being on the inside” because you are not able to own a belt in prison, you lose weight, your pants lower and you can see fine boxers showing. Pathetic but has some substance.

    4. No Ian, it started in prison to let others know they are available as a bottom for homosexual activity.
      It moved to the outside after these prisoners were released and found they enjoyed anal sex. Homosexuality wasn’t very accepted in the gangbanger community so they continued using their code and started doing things on the “downlow”.

    5. Nice. I shall proposition the next person I see wearing their trousers like this… but if I get shot for my troubles, it’s on you Hermann.

    6. Geezhermann, the must be millions of youngsters who love anal sex then!! I think we both may have a little element of truth behind the theory.

    7. actually it didnt start in prision, thats a myth, it started in the ghetto where almost all clothes were handmedowns from older siblings or even dads and you could either wear a belt and try to look respectible or just say “oh well fuck it im from the ghetto, what do i care” and let them sag. then it got REALLY stupid when every kid that is far from poor went out and bought brand new pants 5 sizes to big just so they would sag thinkin it makes them look “cool” when it so stupid.

    8. My son was surrounding by guys wearing their pants like this….also had hats kinda on their heads,sideways…..shoelaces untied.What did my son do?RAN!Haaaaaaaaaa,these fuckers can’t run with pants falling off,hats flying and tripping over their laces!Haaaaaaaaaa,suckas.

    1. The space between the bottom of his balls and the bottom of his pants is because he don’t like using scholl toilets… 😀

  1. Seeing this always ticks me off, but then I tell myself that they must like buttsex so of course they have to wordlessly let those interested know…

  2. if you walk around with your pants down in prison it means your gay and single and want it in the ass……this proves 45% of black people and 23% of black wanna be’s are gay.

  3. I can’t help but hope the morons that dress like this trip and face-plant on the sidewalk because they can’t get a full step in.

  4. I’d love to just run up and punch him in face and run off. I’d be long gone before he pulled his pants up and started to run after me.

  5. This trend started in prison. The bottoms of any cellblock would be forced to wear their pants like this so they couldn’t run away if Bubba wanted to get some.

  6. OMG!!! This is sooo fucking stupid i hate seeing guys with their pants like this they must think it is hot but TRUST ME it is not.. its fucking stupid and ugly and not fucking kewl you look like a fucking fagg.. and well since it did start in prison for the guys who wanted to get fucked they would SAG their pants so all the othedr inmaits would know who you were.. so clearly I think you boys who do that are GAY! and are trying to hide it.

  7. It is strange how blacks invented this “style” even when they need the highest freedom of movement possible to run because 90% of the time they are beig chased for a crime.

  8. It was used to advertise as available for prisoners. But now it’s become twisted to “being in the hood” status symbol. I call is gay and gross. I see people walking in a store like that in front of my daughter scratching their balls and ass in old stained underwear thinking they look cool. It’s like a fat lady in a small bikini type thing.

  9. It was started in prison but it wasnt an adverisement for sex you fkn morons. It is obvious you fkn idiots would read a stupid post on facebook and take it for truth…. check it out on snopes or any other fact finding site and it will tell you it is fake. Morons the lot of you who say stupid shit like this, sound stupider than the moron in the picture looks.

  10. Police officers actually encourage it. Makes it much easier to catch them when they run from the police. They usually trip & fall about 10 feet from where they start running, or they are too busy trying to keep their pants up to shoot at the police LOL.

  11. they dont do that in prison or they get ass raped. how this happens now there mom or dad in jail and they just dont know how to dress. but it help the cop out at the same time because they cant run away fast now lol.

    1. Fuck you dude not all black people dress like this you must be a racist prick I bet most black people dress better than your dumb ass just like all white people don’t only have one tooth and wear plaid shirts and overalls asshole

  12. this is why there are more black ppl in jail not because whites are racists its because by the time the commit the crime and try to run away there not to far and someone ends up seeing them… and if anybody reading this wears there pants like this or where ppl can see your boxers NEWSFLASH: I DONT WANT TO SEE YOUR NASTY ASS!!!! AND NOBODY ELSE DOES EITHER

  13. Heyy that’s called saggin black ppl started doing it and white ppl named it read it saggin backwards niggas….. -_- sneaky white ppl

  14. i don’t think this has anything to do with black people cause all people sag , but it is really stupid n no sense of respect !

  15. Itt’s Nott Evenn Close Too Atractiivee …,, Itt’s Disgusting …! For People Whhoo Liike Thiis Yhuur Stupiid …,, Bcoz ,, That’s Justt Disgusting … 😐

  16. Id like to say daaaammmnn that was to funny an people have different thoughts on how it started I sag I do it cuss I have swagg swagg is a style an style is how u have girls swagg tells who u r u can wear ur pants up down a ugly shirt or a nice shirt it doesn’t matter gay people wear their pants up but u don’t see them saggin an wats funny is how u say thierry gay an Wat nt but I promise u wont go up to them an tell them that I’m nt sayin Wat hes doin is a lil to much but if he thinks it’s cool then that’s his style I bet u won’t say nun cuss where I’m from talk shit get hit ur that’s my thought

  17. They wear clothes like this because they are descendants of apes. As you can see, he is deliberately showing his buttocks as a sign of his readiness to mate. Obviously, they’re all homoesexual. You can tell by all the shoes they hoard in their forest tree, or in today’s society, their “ghetto shack”. They would rather have shoes made by a successful ape than buy a house and look successful themselves. They also like shiny things, such as nickels and dimes, which so happens to be their forest money, or “ghetto currency”. Even when they are given city tax money because they are too sedentary to work, they are left with nickels and dimes because of the crack epidemic which is sweeping their forest. Do not be alarmed people, for I have discovered a wonderful truth. Black people only have courage in numbers. If you corner them alone, they will roll up into a ball and cry for their “mama”. I apologize if this offends any apes, but the truth must be told.

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