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    1. @yuckfou23 he is not british, im british and that is not a british accent..correct me if im wrong but to me that sounds like a new jersey or a stanen island accent… new york’ish sounding… and to yuckfou23 you’re a fucking idiot, this is what kids do all over the world…and if i was that old fart, id be loling with them, not acting like a euro rape victim

    2. I live in New York and have never heard those accents before. The younger guy sounds somewhat like a New York accent but not completely. I don’t know. The older man definitely is NOT from the US. Still funny though. The old man scared the shit out of him. My only guess is that they may be Canadian somewhere near the the New York border. Maybe Montreal.

    1. if the old guy would have hit him, he would have fell to the ground holding his face crying like a little bitch, his voice was more crackly then in his other videos.

  1. I’m with the grumpy old man on this one… kinda wish he’d hit that unkempt maggot in his annoying little face. Perhaps that would be an overreaction but if you fuck around with strangers things, that’s no less than you deserve. And the captions are total bullshit… I know fear when I see it… that retard went straight home to change his Spiderman 2 underpants.

    1. I’m with you Nicky, the old guy could definitely hold his own, a lot tougher and taller than the attempted prankster. This video would have been so much better if there was a knock out punch involved.

    2. I was hoping the old guy would beat the shit out of both the young fuckwit and his hogheaded girlfriend, too. If I’d been there and saw what happened, I’d have helped the old dude with the beating. No reason for people to fuck around like that. Assholes like this is why Uhmerica is so fucked.

    3. 100% agree with Nicky on this one.
      The video was pathetic, and the captions were sad, if anything.
      If that little brat wants to make fun out of people, he should be able to stand like a man and not running away like a little pussy, while pretending to be “badass” by some ridiculous captions on his ridiculous video.

    4. I agree 100%. That little bitch boy was scared because he’d temporarily forgotten that some people out there don’t like ‘jokes’ and will jack-slap a punk for little or no reason.
      The older guy was looking at greeting cards, by the looks of it, and might have been looking for something for a sick relative. Would that be the right time to fuck with him? Either way, by the looks of his reaction, I doubt there’s ever much of a good time to fool with this man. I just wish he’d given the punk a good uppercut to the chin when he was pretending to read whatever he’d pretended to pick up off the floor. No words, just instant darkness. Then, ladies and gentlemen, we’d have had a win on our hands.

    5. Agreed, the kid’s a total wuss. Didn’t want trouble with the police my ass. He was totally shitting his manpanties

    6. Agreed. You can smell the fear and Monster drink all the way thru the internet. Hope this kid learns to leave folks alone before it is too late. Glad the old dude didn’t hit the lil puke and get sued. On the positive side, at least there is evidence and a precedent of intent for future problems with this pillar of society. How about a return to Jackass where all you are hurting is yourself and the camera guy?

  2. So, lemme get it straight. You fail at pulling a prank at someone. The guy asks you what you were doing behind his back and you try to blame someone else instead of giving him a reasonable explanation.

    Plus, you write that you were about to hit him but he just chase you away.

    You sir are a douche and another fact; this guy has way more balls than you.

  3. I have to agree that this kid is a puss… he was backing up the whole time, he got busted, you can see it in his voice and his face that he was scared about getting punched in the face by an old man… at the end you hear him telling his gf that they need to run away… the guys like 60, what a pussy…

  4. You pull the dumbest prank ever, get caught doing it and act like an asshole. what a dbag the young guy is. These are the kind of things that keep me pro-choice

  5. i like frolicking around in social networking sites pretending im really quick witted and intellectual whilst really spell checking in google and information digging in wikipedia before replying to myself with a different user name to make other people think “wow, he must be right, he’s popular”

    1. wow, you must be right, you’re popular, did i ever tell you i really fancy you and want to marry you?

    2. did i ever tell you all that the only differents between me and hannibal lecter is that he liked to eat people?

  6. wow, you must be right, you’re popular..did i ever tell you?, i have really big tits and want to sleep with you?

  7. What a pathetic little brat.
    It WAS a prank fail indeed, because the brat failed miserably at being funny AND at being brave.
    Messing with people, and then running away like a little coward, while pretending to be “badass” by adding some painfully ridiculous captions to his painfully ridiculous video.

    1. wow….did any of you fucking robots ever have a childhood?, i hope life treats you well on the conveyor belt…bye

  8. HE SHOULD HAVE STOPPED ONE BALLOON SOONER!!! I THINK IT WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER. If the old guy would have noticed and no one was around when he noticed.

  9. the kid is an idiot! talking shit then when the old guy follows him out the store shitzu haired kid starts to run epic dumb ass who should leave people the fuck alone

  10. You ain't ordinary bruh, you aint ordinary bruh bruh, you aint ordinary o-ordinary o-ordinary bruh bruh. You a duck nigga bruh bruh, you a fuck nigga bruh bruh, you aint ordinary o-ordinary o-ordinary bruh bruh. says:

    i wouldve beat that old mans ass

  11. funny prank, but that kid trying to act all tough was sad. “I was about to lay his ass out, but i didn’t want trouble with the cops”…lol BS! You got caught and you were scared. pussy

  12. So… were about to whip his ass but ended up running like a scared little sissy to your car and driving 60 MPH to get out of the parking lot?

    He sure is one badass dude ain’t he?

  13. ahahhaha the young guy is so funny first he tries to impress his chubby girlfriend with this stupid joke then he gets caught and instead of apologising he pretends to be a real og but what happens next? he suddenly starts running away…. and that’s not enough for him he puts the video on the internet with some idiot captions… what a loser

  14. You don’t mess with old people, they are on the verge of killing punk ass bitches like you. I read that your house got burned down? You must be such a fool as well.

  15. This video would have been epic if someone else had been around and knocked that kid out for being an ass. Useless trash, hope his house catches fire again, this time with him in it. Dumb little shit.

  16. Well done, Mr. Prankster in the video. You’ve impressed your fat, ugly girlfriend with your boldness and become hated by everybody else for your doucheness. I, too, hope your house burns down, and not by one of your own pranks gone wrong. I hope the old guy finds you and sets the house on fire, shouting about how, “You still like making jokes?!” And then a few days later, I hope the FBI arrives to ask you about the serial killer from Moscow that you encountered in your little video and then inform you that he has NEVER allowed to a victim to survive, but gee whizz, they’ll give their best shot at making sure he gets caught THIS time! And then he shows up and butt-rapes you right in front of the cops and gets away scott-free.

  17. Yeah..I was about to knock him out so I ran away and hopped in my car and drove off in a panic. Way to pick on a lonely mentally ill dude. The prank was decent…except you ruined it cause your a jagon.

  18. Someone needs to tell him he doesn’t need to make “cool” pranks to lay a fat skunk. They would lay themselves if they could. Ah wait…

  19. the 3rd set of balloons did it… should have left it with only 2 sets and he probably would have never realized it till he got to the counter…

  20. this kid is dumb as fuck and is a huge pussy. cause he’s old thinks he can lay his ass out? haha fucking faggot. what he shouldve done that day was shave the pubic his boyfriend left on his face.

  21. First of all the kid is a scared little boy. Second, I find it funny how the kid is acting all big and bad saying “get out of my face” as if the man is doing something wrong. Um… You were messing with him first.. What exactly did you expect to happen dumbass?

  22. what the hell was wrong with the guy pulling the prank? Just apologize to the man and explainn what you were doing. Don’t act like a asshole “tough guy” He was the one being a dick here.

  23. i dont get it, why do men constantly have to show their masculinity… its dumb… even the people that commented on this that say “what a fucking pussy” or crap like that, grow up and stop acting like a child, being a man isnt trying to fight and fuck anything that moves, have some class, girls dont find that attractive.

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