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  1. HAY!!!! HEEEY do you really think the boys will love you more if you show-off…….
    I don’t think so. Ask IAN, if he will love you more……………

  2. I don’t call it a fail. I’m sure he knows that nobody would actually believe he’s holding up a giant rock. He’s just being a goof. Photos like this are all over facebook.

  3. Why is taking pictures of pretending to push that tower in Italy is a Win, and putting a small rock in front of the lens to give the sensation the person is holding it a fail?

    It looks to me as ANOTHER EPICFAIL.COM FAIL !!!!

  4. wow uve noticed that this one is fail. u all must be so smart.
    ever thought that he never intended to make ppl think that was real?

  5. honestly, was it really necessary to circle the missing shadow and call it a fail…it was obviously a fake photoshop for fun.

  6. Fail for thinking this is a fail.. does the site really need to stoop this low for a post. Its clearly not supposed to be real. Just a funny shot with a small rock in front of the lens

  7. LOL you all who think this is fail/ is actually an optical illusion where the person appears to be carrying a big rock when in fact it’s just about positioning the rock in front of the camera…there are about hundreds of different fun shots you could do using this technique…

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