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    1. I don’t see a problem with messing around and taking this picture. The baby couldn’t possibly be hurt by it. But the name! Good Grief!! The mother should be slapped upside her head. She’s setting the poor kid up for bullying from other kids. It’s hard enough surviving school as it is. This is unforgivable.

  1. It is pronounces ZIDEE and he is my angel. I was making a joke with the cigarette cause it was my last one. Teh only reason I was taking teh picture was to show Xydy that i quit for him. So buzz off you bunch of nom nom nom nom nom nom nom…..

    1. and yet you expect people to know how to pronounce it? and you can spell how it is pronounced, but you can’t spell THE, I bet you are a minor, to bad your parents didn’t kick your ass after you pushed him out.

  2. I’d say any moron that names there child something similar, trying to be clever/ghetto/unique.. should be looked at with the ultimate level of condescending stare for at least one solid minute, then have their parental rights taken away. It’s safe to assume they will do MANY moronic things after that first move of douchebaggery.
    That is all.

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